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The guests were treated to a day out at Al Mamzar Beack Park in Dubai Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: On the first day of the New Year, members of the Dawoodi Bohra community in Dubai organised an outing at Al Mamzar Beach Park in Dubai for about 150 senior members from the community aged 70 and above. They took part in physical activities that included games as well as walks on the beach.

During the outing, medical professionals from the community provided advice for their health concerns.

The Dawoodi Bohra community has launched an elderly care initiative in which seniors are taken for recreational activities and offered nutritional, health and psychological care.

This is in line with the advice of the community’s spiritual leader Sultan Al Bohra Dr Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddin who had stated during one of his sermons that we should take care of our elders, take them out for leisure to freshen their minds. “The blessings and prayers we will receive in return will be of great benefit. Every society owes its elders a huge debt of gratitude, but due to the pressures of modern life we often ignore them. It is imperative that we prioritise caring for the elderly and give them the attention they deserve,” he had said.

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Good times

The programme coordinator said: “Most senior citizens simply spend their time alone at home. We are attempting to take them out to a pleasant environment where they can spend some good time with others and unwind themselves. As part of the programme, we are also fostering meaningful conversations with our elders and learning from their experiences.”

The outing also included children of determination.

Loneliness and social isolation among elderly is a global problem which was further exacerbated during the pandemic, leaving long-term and profound impact on their health and wellbeing. Studies have suggested that improved social connections, one-on-one interactions with friends and family and regular healthcare intervention have helped the elderly in leading a happier and well-rounded life.

The programme coordinator said it is a sustained global programme and Dawoodi Bohra community members from the UAE and across the world have organised a host of recreational and leisure events along with medical check-ups for the elderly throughout the year.