The house sealed by police in Sharjah’s Maysaloon area. Image Credit: Aghaddir Ali/Gulf News

Sharjah: An Indian man allegedly killed his wife and buried her in their house before escaping to his home country, police said on Wednesday.

Sharjah Police have launched an investigation into the death of the Indian woman who was found buried in her house in Maysaloon area in Sharjah. The police found the body with the help of sniffer dogs. It is not known yet how the woman was killed.

The incident came to light when the woman’s brother lodged a complaint with the police on April 9. He had travelled from India looking for his sister after he phoned her several times and got no response. After he could not find anyone at his sister’s house, he informed police that he suspected something had gone wrong.

Some toys, a bicycle and a bike were scattered in the house.

Major-General Saif Al Ziri Al Shamsi, Commander-in-Chief of Sharjah Police, confirmed to Gulf News that a missing person report was received from the woman’s brother, who told police that he used to speak to his sister daily but one day, she stopped answering her phone.

A police team went to the house after getting permission from the public prosecution.

During a search of the house, police found ceramic tiles missing in some parts of the floor. They suspected foul play and brought in the K9 dogs, which led them to the grave inside the house. The team dug up the decomposed body and shifted it to the forensic laboratory for an autopsy. The victim’s brother identified the body.

Two-wife theory

The police suspected that the husband, who is in his 40s, killed his wife and buried her in the house before escaping.

According to initial police investigations, the suspect has two wives and before committing the crime, he sent one of them and his children with her to India. The suspect was identified through his fingerprints and iris scan.

Police have already contacted Interpol and issued a warrant for his arrest.

Residents shocked

Gulf News visited the crime spot and found the house sealed by the police. Some toys including a pink doll, a pink bicycle and a black bike could be seen scattered in the house.

Residents in the area, meanwhile, were shocked at the horrendous crime in their neighbourhood.

Owners of a nearby grocery and a bakery (both from India) told Gulf News that the suspect was in his 40s and did not have any contact with anyone in the area. “He did not buy any food or groceries from us,” the grocery owner said.

“Around 10 days ago, we noticed a number of police patrols and CID men in addition to an ambulance near the house,” they said.