British boxing champ David Haye will open his Hayemaker Gym in Dubai soon. Image Credit: Dubai Sports World

Dubai: Dubai Police confirmed that David Haye, the British heavyweight boxer, was released on bail from Bur Dubai police station on the same day he was brought in.

Media reports have emerged in the last two days claiming that Haye was stopped at Dubai International Airport over a bounced cheque and that his passport was confiscated.

A police official said that he was brought in over a bounced cheque that was issued to a property developer in the UAE.

The property developer reported the cheque to the police.

Haye posted a video on his Instagram account on Monday reassuring his fans that he was OK and that the situation was not bad.

“Thanks for all your worrying and concern, but don’t stress too much about me. You know, things aren’t that bad. A little bit of administrative issues left me here in Dubai for few days longer than anticipated, but it’s getting smoothed out as we speak, and I will be back, probably London or Vegas soon,” Haye said in the short video.

Reports said that Haye had issued the cheque worth Dh1.8 million as a final payment for a new property.

Police did not provide details on the amount of the cheque.