Dubai: Two men have been accused of profiling themselves as male prostitutes over a social media network, Whoshere, where they offered their dancing and sexual services for money.

Prosecutors accused the Emirati defendants, 22-year-old A.S. and 30-year-old A.H., of earning their living through prostitution.

An Emirati police lieutenant testified that the defendants were detained during a sting operation in a five star hotel room, where A.S. was caught naked when he was readying himself to have sex with a police informant.

Meanwhile, A.H. was caught half naked when he too was readying himself to dance in September.

According to records, A.S. had a criminal history in prostitution cases since he was a teenager. He was convicted in two separate cases of prostitution in 2007.

During Sunday’s hearing, the two men failed to show up before the Dubai Court of First Instance where they were scheduled to be prosecuted.

According to the charge sheet, prosecutors said A.S. nicknamed himself Mayoud Al Barari on Whoshere and profiled himself as a professional male prostitute and promoted sexual services.

Prosecutors also accused him of breaching public modesty by publishing his photos wearing women’s undergarment and in full make up.

He was also charged with inciting others to commit a sin by offering to dance for men.

The lieutenant told prosecutors: “A.S. portrayed himself as a male prostitute over the social media network. A police informant cooperated with Dubai Police to bust the defendant in a sting operation. A.S. agreed to offer his sexual services to the informant for Dh1,500 in a hotel at Al Mina Road. A stakeout team monitored the hotel entrance and lobby. Police obtained prosecutors’ permission to arrest the defendant and his accomplice. A.S. headed to the room and shortly after that A.H. came in. We waited for the signal before the stakeout team raided the hotel room. A.S. was busted completely naked meanwhile A.H. was half naked preparing himself to dance.”

According to records, the money, which the informant paid for the purpose of the sting operation, was seized in the defendants’ possession.

The lieutenant cited A.H. admitting that he went for dancing purposes meanwhile A.S. confirmed that A.H. accompanied him to have sex with the supposed client.

The trial continues.