Dubai: Prosecutors are questioning an Austrian tourist over having consensual sex with a man, whom she claimed raped her following a UAE National Day party at a hotel. The Austrian postgraduate was holidaying in Dubai when she alleged that the Yemeni man raped her in the underground parking of a five-star hotel in Bur Dubai on December 2, Gulf News has learnt.

“The Austrian woman, who is in her mid 20s, is currently facing primary charges of having consensual sex with the Yemeni man and consuming liquor. Further investigations will prove whether she was raped as she claims or had consensual sex. Police records show that the couple had consensual sex. Prosecutors have requested the footage of the parking area’s surveillance cameras to confirm her claims whether she was crying and in a distraught state when she got out of the car or not,” prosecution sources told Gulf News on Monday.

Sources close to the investigations told the newspaper: “The woman came with friends on holiday for Christmas and the 42nd National Day celebrations. She went with her friends to a pub in a hotel to attend a National Day party and that was where she met the man, who introduced himself as an Emirati. The man was also with a group of joint friends. The partygoers decided to go to an after-party gathering. The man offered to drive the student. He locked the doors as soon as they jumped into his car in the basement parking.”

The sources went on to say the woman cried out for help but the windows were closed. “When he unlocked the doors the Austrian claims that she ran away and saw a group of people. She claimed to them that she had been raped and those people told the police.”

Meanwhile the man, who turned out to be Yemeni, claims that he agreed to have sex with the student for money.

“The woman was advised to marry the man to avoid legal action. According to her police statement, she claimed they had consensual sex. However she retracted her police confession and alleged to the investigating prosecutor that she was raped. The woman claims that has a decent job in her country and does not need to have sex with strangers for money. Prosecutors are currently waiting for the findings of Dubai Police’s criminal laboratory that has been tasked to download the content of the surveillance camera recordings. The recordings will confirm whether the woman was crying and in a hysterical state when she got out of the car,” added the source.

The woman alleges that she was pressured by the man and his father, who is a policeman, into confessing to having consensual sex.