Sharjah Police warn public against misusing social media platforms and using abusive language, insults and defamation. Image Credit: Agency

Sharjah: Sharjah Police have warned the public against misusing social media platforms and using abusive language, insults, defamation, and other forms of harmful speech online.

Such actions violate public morals, harm others, and can cause damage to an individual’s reputation, honour, and social standing, Sharjah Police said in a statement issued on Wednesday.

Strict action

Colonel Omar Ahmed Abu Al Zoud, Director of the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) at the Sharjah Police, emphasised the importance of community members using social media platforms in a positive and appropriate manner.

Col Abu Al Zoud said that the Sharjah Police will take strict actions against individuals who are found to be using technology platforms to abuse others, adding that over the past year, the Criminal Investigation Department dealt with 85 reports of insult and six reports of defamation committed using information technology means, and took legal measures against those responsible accordingly.

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Hefty fines

He clarified that anyone found guilty of insulting or falsely accusing someone of a crime through the use of information networks, technology, or systems will face imprisonment and/or a fine ranging from Dh250,000 to Dh500,000 under Article 43 of the Federal Decree-Law No. 34 of 2021 Concerning the Fight Against Rumours.

He urged the public to use social media platforms responsibly, and avoid making offensive comments or insults