Dubai: The rape allegation of a 23-year-old British woman was registered and investigated by Dubai Police with a full forensic report filed to the public prosecution, said a police official.

Contrary to what have been reported in many international media outlets, Lieutenant Colonel Abdul Qadir Al Bannai, director of Jebel Ali Police Station, said: "I am aware to what have been reported recently. A case has been opened against the Syrian suspect who she claims raped her. He was detained and referred to the public prosecution.

"All the necessary procedures were undertaken. Our rules are clear in the UAE; illegal drinking and sexual intercourse is considered an offence, so a case was filed against the couple as well. But we didn't ignore the rape report," he said without confirming or denying the forensic report on whether the woman was raped or not as the matter was with the public prosecution.

The British woman of Pakistani decent was on holiday in Dubai with her fiancé to celebrate her engagement. She was allegedly attacked by a waiter while apparently lying semiconscious in a hotel toilet.

After she reported the attack at the Jebel Ali police station, the following morning, she was arrested, after reportedly admitting to illegal drinking and having an illicit relationship outside marriage.

The couple, both from London, have been released on bail. They are awaiting trial for both the alleged rape and for alleged illegal drinking and illicit relationship outside marriage.