Dubai: A man has been jailed for three months for threatening to kill a producer in her car with a screwdriver at a mall and stealing Dh15.

The 48-year-old Filipino, R.K., opened the door of the car of the Lebanese producer when she was about to drive away from the mall’s parking lot.

He pointed the screwdriver at her and threatened to kill her before he asked her to empty her pockets in January 2015.

The Lebanese cried in fear before she opened her purse and gave the defendant, who had covered his face with a white cloth, the Dh15 that she had.

The Dubai Court of First Instance found R.K. guilty of threatening the producer and stealing her money.

The Filipino had entered a not guilty plea when he appeared in court.

According to the ruling, the accused will be deported following the completion of his jail term.

The Lebanese woman testified that she had just got into her vehicle when the incident happened at 9pm.

“The accused opened the door suddenly and squeezed himself into the car. He pointed a hard tool at my stomach and said ‘I will kill you… give me money’. I cried and told him that I did not have any cash. He was so edgy and threatened me again and demanded money. I took out my purse and opened it in front of him and showed him that it was empty. There was only Dh15, which he took. I was not aware that the Dh15 was there … he took the money and fled,” said the producer.

A policeman said the woman informed them about the colour of the man’s clothes.

“We checked surveillance cameras and managed to track down the suspect who was shown on CCTV cameras driving a car rented in Sharjah. We obtained R.K.’s details from the car rental office. A police patrol arrested the defendant, who confessed during questioning that he mugged the woman at the mall. He alleged that he spent the Dh15 to buy food,” he said.