Dubai: A Filipino butcher has been arrested after a three-month search for the killer who dumped a headless body in a desert area in Dubai, the Dubai Police said on Wednesday.

Lt. General Khamis Mattar Al Mazeina, Dubai Police Chief, said the suspect, identified as J.A.S.S, was a relative of the victim, Manormeeta Salwaro Dadi, who worked as a housemaid for a family in Abu Dhabi.  

'I knew something bad happened to my wife'

Al Mazeina said that Dadi's headless body was also missing both hands.

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J.A.S.S. had borrowed Dh10,000 from the victim, and when she kept badgering him to pay her back in May he killed her, Al Mazeina said.

The suspect then chopped off her head and hands, burned them and then buried them in a sandy area in Ajman. He dumped her headless body in Dubai.

"It took a lot of investigative work to identify the woman, as we did not have her fingerprints or face. We had to go through the list of absconding workers, working one  by one, and finally we matched her DNA. The list had 9,751 names," he said.  

The suspect was identified immediately after police were able to identify the woman.