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Dubai Police identified the thief who stole Dh4 million of gold from a shop, within 45 minutes after the crime was reported. Picture for illustrative purposes only. Image Credit: Shutterstock

Dubai: Dubai Police arrested a thief who broke into a jewellery shop and stole 8kg of gold worth Dh4 million.

According to Brigadier Tarek Tahlak, Director of the Naif Police Station, the suspect was identified within 45 minutes after receiving the emergency call at 10am, when the shop owner discovered the robbery and alerted police.

“The suspect broke a window near the signboards, using a saw in the early hours of the morning. He was identified and tracked down at a neighbouring emirate. He was arrested within just 24 hours after the crime,” said Brig Tahlak.

The thief went to a neighbouring emirate and hid the stolen items with a friend who knew about the robbery. Both were arrested and the gold was recovered.

“The suspect admitted during investigation that he had monitored the shop for days to find a way to break into it. The shop owner couldn’t believe that we had managed to recover the entire stolen gold,” Brig. Tahlak added.

The suspect was referred to Dubai Public Prosecution for further investigation.

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Brig Tahlak said that strict measures were undertaken by the authority concerned to change the installation pattern of the big signboards that the suspect had used to break into the shop.

Dubai Police have advised owners of shops and establishments about taking necessary measures to change the design of shop windows in the Naif area for security reasons.