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The Dubai Courts building. Image Credit: Gulf News Archives

Dubai: Dubai Court of Appeals has overturned a verdict for a jobless man who had forged 27 entry permits to the UAE and illegally obtained Dh120,000 from a recruitment office.

Dubai Court of First Instance had initially sentenced the defendant to two years in jail, followed by deportation and a fine of Dh120,000. However, the Court of Appeals later reduced the jail term to six months, but upheld the deportation and the fine.

According to records, the owner of the recruitment office, located outside the UAE, arrived in Dubai and reported his countryman to the police. He claimed that the defendant had contacted him, offering to provide special entry permits to job-seekers. The victim had sent copies of 100 passports of job-seekers.

“He called me after one week and claimed that he had managed to get 27 entry permits to UAE. He then asked me to send him Dh50,000 in four instalments,” said the victim on record.

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After the victim had wired the money, the defendant kept delaying the dispatch of the entry permits and asked for the rest of the amount. “I agreed to give him the rest of the amount, Dh70,000, but he kept delaying the permits. Meanwhile, one of the clients travelled to the UAE and discovered that his entry permit was fake.”

The defendant was then arrested and charged with illegally obtaining money and forging and using documents.