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The man who stole 31 bikes gave false information, but finally admitted to the crime, police said. Picture for illustrative purposes only. Image Credit: Pixabay

Dubai: A man has been arrested in Dubai for stealing 31 motorbikes worth Dh1 million from a delivery company.

According to Major General Ahmed Thani Bin Gulaita, Director of Refaa Police Station in Dubai, the employee, who worked for a delivery company, stole the motorbikes in connivance with two other defendants before reporting the crime as a ‘robbery’ to the police.

“He alerted Dubai Police and gave false information about the robbery, but we discovered that he was the one behind the crime,” Maj. Gen. Gulaita said.

According to reports, the company’s owner was checking more than 150 motorbikes that were parked, when he discovered that 31 bikes were missing. The defendant then went to report the ‘robbery’ to the police.

“He gave false information, but finally admitted to committing the robbery. Two others assisted him by transporting the bikes to a rented area far from the company’s site. He then published an advertisement to sell the bikes at cheap rates.”

Maj. Gen. Gulaita said that all the bikes were recovered and returned to the company. The defendant was charged with raising a false alarm, disturbing the authority, committing a robbery and breach of trust.

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“The company’s owner was shocked when he discovered the crime. He had not expected his employee to be behind the robbery. He was advised about the importance of installing tracking devices to the bikes and appointing proper employees to follow work ethics and protect the company-owned vehicles,” added Gulaita.

The defendants have been referred to Dubai Public Prosecution for further investigation.