Dubai: An Indian university lecturer ended up in police custody after arriving in Dubai for a short visit on a business visa.

Police said the lecturer was wanted by police for blogging in India against a private university based in Dubai.

Police said the lecturer, who taught here and who finished his term at a private university in Academic City in Dubai a year ago, has his contract terminated without reason. Dubai courts acted in his favour and he received his end-of-service- benefits.

However, on his return to India he wrote on his blog about what happened to him at the Dubai-based institution.

According to police a university employee filed a case against the lecturer at Al Rashidiya police station accusing him of defamation due to publishing his story on his blog.

The lecturer is based in the US and he was on his way to the UK via Dubai. The lecturer said that he was coming to Dubai to see his wife who works here.

Police said that there was a defamation case filed against the lecturer for blogging and posting a video in India against the university where he worked in Dubai.

The lecturer said that he only wrote on his blog what had happened to him here in Dubai a year ago when the university did not pay his end-of-service benefits and how he filed a case against them at the Ministry of Labour.

“I have to travel to the UK for my postgraduate study. I’m not living here and I have to leave in a few days,” he said.

He was arrested on May 5 and was due to leave the country on Sunday (May 19.)

He said his passport was confiscated by police and he was released on bail after being held for 24 hours.

Police said the lecturer was arrested at the airport and detained at Al Rashidiya police station.

The case has been referred to the public prosecution and the lecturer remains out on bail in the UAE.