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Dubai: A wife won her legal battle and had her marriage annulled after she convinced Dubai’s highest court that her husband is narcissistic and psychologically incapable of being a good husband.

The Filipina woman, a mother of two children, lodged her divorce lawsuit against her husband after he had failed to disclose to her that he suffered from narcissism and a mental disorder that makes him incapable of honouring or committing to his marital duties and obligations.

Once the Filipino husbtand failed to prove that he was a responsible husband and proved that he was constantly dependent, the wife initiated legal action before the Dubai Personal Status Court [non-Muslims] seeking to have their marriage contract annulled.

'Troublesome, unbearable'

The woman’s lawyer, Hamda Makki, mentioned in her lawsuit that her client had had many disputes and disagreements with her husband and that he had become “troublesome and unbearable to live with under the same roof”.

“Following several years of marriage that resulted in two children, my client realised that her husband is a narcissist and suffers from a mental disorder that made him a difficult person to deal or live with.

"He failed to commit to his responsibilities and duties, as per their marriage contract. He became so reliant. She discovered those facts at a later stage when troubles and fights started to increase … she could not live with him anymore,” lawyer Makki argued before the court.

When the woman first went to the court, her lawsuit was referred to the Family Guidance and Reconciliation Section for a resolution. However, when an amicable reconciliation could not be reached, the case was referred to the pertinent court.

In her lawsuit, lawyer Makki demanded the defendant [husband] to also pay Dh8,000 in monthly allowance to the children and around Dh120,000 in allowances for housing, schooling, maid and furniture.

'Incurable disease'

The primary court rejected the woman’s claim to annul the marriage, a judgement that was later upheld by the appellate court.

Lawyer Makki appealed the appellate judgement before the Dubai Cassation Court and asked for the implementation of the Philippines’ Family Law.

“My client had discovered at a later stage that her husband had had a previous marriage annulled in their homeland because he suffers from narcissism," said the lawyer.

"He had also been subject to a clinical test that proved that his disease is incurable … hence we ask the court to implement the Family Law of the Philippines and have the marriage contract annulled,” lawyer Makki argued before the Cassation Court.

Thereafter, the Cassation Court annulled the marriage between the litigants and ordered the former husband to pay court fees.