SHARJAH: Sharjah Police arrested a fake real estate agent who exploited dozens of people after they fell prey to his lucrative advertisements for renting out apartments.

The Asian suspect, identified as MSB Sharief, was found active on social media platforms, advertising flats for rent at unbelievable low prices.

As a large number of people approached him to rent the flats, the suspect told them that he was renting out apartments at low prices to meet his financial liabilities. The suspect used to ask his clients to pay him the first instalment of the rent, deposit for electricity and water connections and processing fee. After receiving these payments, he used to switch off his mobile phone and made away with their money. Later, the clients came to know that the apartment which had been shown to them had already been rented out to someone else.

After a large number of people fell prey to his tricks, they approached Sharjah Police to track him down. after police investigation, it was revealed that the suspect had been using a fake name and identity and the mobile phone numbers were also not registered in his name.It was also found the rental contract documents given to the victims were also forged.

During police interrogation, the suspects confessed to his crimes and he was referred to the Public Prosecution.

Sharjah Police have urged residents to be cautious of such fraudsters and report such incidents to police.

Lieutenant Colonel Faisal Bin Nassar, Deputy Director of Investigation and Criminal Research at Sharjah Police, have asked residents to check the identity of the people they deal with and be cautious in responding to vague online advertisements. He also urged people not to give cheques to the people they don’t know.