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Dubai: A Dubai-based wife was cleared of hacking her husband’s email for obtaining his bank statement to use in their divorce case.

According to the Dubai Court of Appeal, the 27-year-old woman had allegedly illegally accessed her husband’s email in October last year.

The woman used the bank statement in the divorce case and the husband filed a case at Bur Dubai Police station claiming she hacked his email using her mobile phone.

The woman was charged with illegally obtaining the bank statement.

The Dubai Court of Misdemeanour found the woman guilty and issued a fine of Dh5,000 and confiscated her mobile phone.

However, lawyer Mohammad Al Redha, representing the woman, appealed against the verdict, claiming the husband was the one who gave access to his wife to check his emails.

The couple had disputes and an ongoing divorce case before the wife filed a case against him over an alleged assault incident.

‘Husband gave her access’

“The husband was the one who gave his username and password to my client. He gave her access on her phone after a dispute to prove to her that he wasn’t cheating on her,” said Al Redha.

The email and the password remained in the woman’s phone until the disputes worsened and she left the house, while the husband didn’t change the password.

“The husband has knowledge in information technology and knows how to change the password of his email. Why didn’t he activate the two-verification method to stop her from accessing his email after she left the house?” Al Redha said.

He added that his client didn’t hack the email, explaining that she had printed the bank statement to present it to Sharia Court.

“He used this fact to claim that she hacked his email address; it is a fabricated claim,” said Al Redha.

The Dubai Court of Appeal overturned the verdict and cleared the woman from the charge.