Ajman: A recent court ruling sounds like a wake-up call for spouses who spy into their partner’s mobile phone.

The Ajman Criminal Court has found an Arab woman guilty of breaching the privacy of her husband after she looked into his mobile without his permission, a lawyer said yesterday.

The woman has been fined Dh150,000 and will be deported, the court ruled.

Eman Sabt, the lawyer for the woman, said the couple, in their 30s, are of Arab nationality.

The ruling was delivered on May 12, the lawyer said.

The woman gained access to her husband’s mobile phone and transferred photos to her phone via WhatsApp.

Later, she accused her husband of having an affair with another woman.

Soon after, the man lodged a complaint with the Ajman court, accusing his wife of transferring photos without his permission.

The woman admitted to the charges.

The woman was prosecuted under criminal penal code No. 212 and the cybercrime law, Federal Decree-Law No. 5 of 2012, article No 21, which stipulates that a person “shall be punished by imprisonment of a period of at least six months and a fine not less than Dh150,000 and not in excess of Dh500,000 or either of these two penalties whoever uses a computer network and/or electronic information system or any information technology means for the invasion of privacy of another person in other than the cases allowed by the law...”