Preliminary forensic results have revealed that a drug was used to sedate Al Mabhouh before he was suffocated to death. Image Credit: Supplied

A look at the Al Mabhouh assassination in numbers so far, based on information released by governments and media reports, reflecting the complexities of the investigation.

  • Flights taken: 56
  • Suspects involved: 26
  • Being questioned: 3
  • Types of passports used: 5 (Australia, UK, Ireland, Germany, France)
  • Hours of CCTV footage reviewed by Dubai Police: 648
  • Cities visited by assassins and planners: 13 - Zurich, Düsseldorf, Johannesburg, Frankfurt, Milan, Hong Kong, Amsterdam, Rome, Paris, Dubai, Bangkok, Doha and an unnamed Iranian city.

Total number of countries involved: 17

  • Austria: ‘Command centre’ is believed to be in Austria
  • Australia: 3 suspects used Australian passports
  • France: 4 suspects used French passports
  • Germany: 1 suspect used a German passport; 10 suspects used Dusseldorf and Frankfurt airports
  • Hong Kong: 11 suspects used airport
  • Iran: 2 suspects travelled to Iran
  • Ireland: 6 suspects used Irish passports
  • Israel: Most of those whose identities were used by suspects found in Israel; most suspects believed to have fled to Israel.
  • Italy: 8 suspects used Milan and Rome airports
  • Netherlands: 3 suspects used Amsterdam airport
  • Qatar: 1 suspect used Doha airport
  • South Africa: 2 suspects used Johannesburg airport
  • Switzerland: 10 suspects used Zurich airport
  • Syria: Victim came to Dubai from Damascus
  • UAE: Assassination carried out in Dubai
  • UK: 12 suspects used UK passports
  • US: 2 suspects believed to have travelled to US