Stock crime police jailed
Witnesses called police after they saw man angrily knocking on victim's door, and a unit was sent to the location in record time. Picture used for illustrative purpose only. Image Credit: Shutterstock

Ajman: The Ajman Police General Command was able to arrest a person of Asian nationality just one minute after committing the murder of another person of the same nationality, in Al Rawda area in the emirate of Ajman.

Lieutenant Colonel Ahmed bin Yafour Al Ghafli, Deputy Director of the Criminal and Investigation Department at Ajman Police, said a report was received by the Operations Room stating that a person of Asian nationality had attacked the room of another person of the same nationality.

He was angrily knocking on the victim’s door, which prompted witnesses to call the police.

Immediately, the report was directed to the first responder patrol in the area, which arrived at the scene in a record time of no more than a minute. The perpetrator was caught as he was leaving the victim’s room after he had assaulted him and killed him. He was caught red-handed at the crime scene.

Family dispute

Upon interrogation, he confessed to having committed the crime, stemming from family disputes in their country. He attacked the victim with a knife and tried to escape, but the police caught him quickly.

The case has been referred to Ajman Prosecution for further action.

Lt Col Al Ghafli praised the experience of the first responder patrol officers and their rapid response, which enabled them to arrest the perpetrator in record time.

He called on the public not to hesitate to report any person who attempts to commit any crime or other violation punishable by law, stressing that the Ajman Police will be on the lookout and will deal firmly with anyone who thinks about tampering with the security of the nation and the safety of citizens and residents.