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A poster for the upcoming event in Dubai for aspiring talent Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Dubai Culture and Arts Authority (Dubai Culture) today announced the 2023 edition of its Dubai Performing Arts Programme, taking place from August 20 to September 30.

This initiative is features aspiring talent and art enthusiasts to develop their skills in music, singing, directing, and theatrical acting.

With guidance from a team of performing arts experts, the programme includes innovative training sessions and interactive workshops throughout August and September.

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Fatma Al Jallaf, Acting Director of the Performing Arts Department at Dubai Culture, affirmed the programme’s importance and role in refining and developing the skills of creatives in the fields of theatre and music. She said: “Theatre serves as a dynamic convergence point for various expressive, musical, and literary arts. Dubai Culture has been dedicated to enhancing this facet, nurturing a vibrant artistic and theatrical scene within Dubai.”

She added: “This commitment has fostered an environment that embraces emerging talent, propelling their growth, skills, and creative concepts. At Dubai Culture, we are also keen to support the music sector and enhance its strength in Dubai through a series of training workshops offered within the programme to hone and develop the participants’ musical skills and enrich their creativity.

“This programme has become an important platform for cultivating tomorrow’s stars through various workshops aimed at discovering emerging musicians, aiding its creators, and enabling them to reach the level of professionalism, which bolsters the sector locally.”

Specialised workshops

The Dubai Performing Arts Programme offers specialised workshops in acting, theatrical directing, and musical instruments. Hosted by Dubai Al Ahli Theatre, Dubai National Theatre, the workshops dive into the theatrical scene, discussing methods of selecting and analysing theatrical scripts, in addition to focusing on the art of managing actors and preparing production costs and schedules for the completion of the theatrical performances.

The programme’s agenda also includes four workshops specialised in the arts of playing musical instruments, hosted by Al Jalila Cultural Centre for Children, all of which focus on enhancing participants’ knowledge. For instance, the violin workshop delves into Western and Arabic scales as well as special exercises to learn violin playing techniques.

Meanwhile the Oud workshop presents a series of special exercises to strengthen and develop oud playing skills as well as introductions to Umm Kulthum’s music. The piano workshops cover right- and left-hand techniques and Arabic melodies. Arabic singing includes voice exercises, maqam, group arrangements, and local folk arts introduction.