Motorists double parked with hazards lights on. Image Credit: Virendra Saklani/Gulf News

Dubai: Tired of your car being boxed in by inconsiderate drivers who illegally park their car wherever they please?

There’s now an app for that, say Dubai Police.

Offending drivers who park and block law-abiding drivers will now be identified through a new Dubai Police service that will SMS offending motorists instructing them to move their cars immediately or be fined.

According to the new traffic law, which started on July 1, the fine for blocking the way to a parked vehicle is Dh500.

Dubai Police have been issuing tickets for blocking a parked vehicle or hindering traffic after implementing the new traffic law.

Dubai Police say they have added the helpful service to the Dubai Police app to solve the problem, police said on Monday.

Boxed-in drivers can now report the offending vehicle obstructing their exit and the police app will go to work immediately.

Lieutenant-Colonel Engineer Hussain Ahmad Bin Gulaitha, Deputy Director of the Smart Services Department at Dubai Police, said police had sought to find an easier way to help people boxed in.

“Anyone who has the Dubai Police app can go to the service and enter the plate number of the vehicle that is blocking the way and in minutes police will notify vehicle owner via SMS asking him to remove his car,” Lt-Col Bin Gulaitha said.

The message will be sent to the owner of the vehicle parked illegally, instructing the driver to move his vehicle immediately and warning against a repeat of the offence.

If the driver fails to comply within a short period of time, then a fine will be issued.

“It is an easy and simple way to solve the problem. In Dubai Police we are keen to provide [the] best services to the public by using smart app to make them happy. It is part of Smart Dubai initiative to make the residents happy by solving their transaction or problems in fast and easy way,” Lt-Col Bin Gulaitha added.

The app can be downloaded through Apple’s App Store or Google Play on Android devices.