The winners of the latest Mahzooz draw being announced in Dubai. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: A Bangladeshi expat identified as Mohammed became the latest and the first Ramadan winner of Dh1million prize money from Mahzooz weekly draw.

As part of Mahzooz’s revamped prize structure, where one lucky participant becomes a guaranteed millionaire every week, the 121st draw awarded Mohammed holding the raffle ID number 32284456, the raffle prize of Dh1million.


Mary Grace, holder of the raffle ID 32359322, became the first winner of 100gm of gold coins in the 121st draw as part of Mahzooz’s Ramadan gold promotion featuring multiple gold coin wins every week.

Mohammed is the third guaranted winner of Dh1million as part of its newly launched prizes and saw 1,063 participants take home Dh1,463,000 in prize money.

While the new top prize of Dh20million went unclaimed this week, 10 participants matched four out of the following five numbers 2, 4, 21, 24, 35, and shared the second prize of Dh200,000, earning Dh20,000 each. As many as 1,052 other winners matched three out of five numbers and received Dh250 each.