The contest’s title is inspired by the world-famous Japanese puzzle game KenKen (or ‘Kendo’), which is published in more than 150 newspapers worldwide Image Credit: Supplied

Abu Dhabi: Abu Dhabi is set to host the KenKen International Championship 2022, the largest maths puzzle showdown in the world.

The championship, which will take place on December 17 at Khalifa University, will be held in cooperation with the Abu Dhabi Residents Office (ADRO), and marks the first time the event has been hosted outside of the US.

Students who had registered before November 30 on the official KenKen website will compete in the upcoming challenge Image Credit: Supplied

Popular events in town

Abu Dhabi’s hosting of this international championship for the first time is a culmination of ADRO’s continued efforts to bring prominent and specialised events to Abu Dhabi to consolidate the emirate’s standing as a leading and capable destination for major activities in all sectors and fields. It is also a reflection of ADRO’s commitment to participating in pioneering international events to highlight the emirate’s position as a preferred destination for international talents to live, work and thrive.

“By hosting this major championship for the first time in Abu Dhabi, we seek to attract the brightest minds and talents to Abu Dhabi and provide them with a unique opportunity to settle here and contribute to the emirate’s diversification efforts and its march toward continued excellence,” said Hareb Al Mheiri, executive director at ADRO.

“This championship is an unprecedented opportunity for the youth in the emirate to showcase their skills and talent, and represent the UAE in this prestigious international event.”

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What is KenKen?

KenKen International Championship, which is held annually, sees the participation of students of all ages and aims to encourage school and university students to positively use their intellectual competencies and skills. The championship’s name is inspired by the world-famous Japanese puzzle game KenKen or ‘Kendo’, which is published in more than 150 newspapers worldwide, including the New York Times and The Times. To date, more than 1 million puzzle books of the popular game have been sold.

KenKen puzzles seek to raise the intelligence of players. In a specialised survey, 92 per cent of participants stated that KenKen improved their logical thinking, and 84 per cent of participants stated that it helped enhance their problem-solving skills.

Call for participation

ADRO encourages talented school students of all ages to participate in the championship in Abu Dhabi in a bid to support and motivate them to develop their skills and talents in a positive way, while embracing creativity, advancement, and prosperity.

Students interested in participating in the championship are required to register before November 30 via the official KenKen website.