Maths winners
The names of the top-three rank holders at the National Mathematics Competition. Image Credit: Suppled

Abu Dhabi: More than 500 high school students recently participated in the eighth annual National Mathematics Competition, organised by the College of Arts and Sciences at Abu Dhabi University (ADU).

Held virtually, the competitors from 400 UAE schools competed for the top three places. Brighton College Abu Dhabi took home the first place, while Asian International School, Ruwais, won both the second and third places.

In a statement, ADU said the competition was designed to test critical thinking and analytical skills of Grade 11 and 12 students, especially in solving complex mathematical problems. It consisted of two rounds that incorporated concepts in calculus, logic, probability, algebra and geometry.

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“ADU has always been a hub that encourages students to challenge their minds and showcase their intellectual capabilities. Here, we focus on providing all the resources needed to give the UAE’s young minds the encouragement they need to pursue promising careers and to feel empowered and capable of any challenge that comes their way. ADU strives to spread knowledge and enable experiences to assist the academic communities in the region,” said Professor Thomas, the ADU provost.