Tadweer has taken several sustainable pest control, waste management and public safety measures in Abu Dhabi Image Credit: Supplied

Abu Dhabi: Disease-carrying pests in Abu Dhabi emirate decreased by 56 per cent in 2021 while 108,000 tonnes of medical and hazardous waste were processed during the year, the Abu Dhabi Waste Management Centre – Tadweer said in a statement on Monday.

These milestones are a result of the authority’s efforts to ensure sustainable waste management and public safety in the emirate.

“We are proud of the promising achievements realised by Tadweer during 2021. These achievements reflect our commitment to supporting the national efforts, which aim to conserve natural resources and create an informed society that contributes to reducing waste production, as well as turning waste into a contributor to Abu Dhabi’s economy,” said Falah Al Ahbabi, Tadweer chairman.

Waste treatment

Tadweer launched commercial operations for three medical and hazardous waste treatment facilities in Abu Dhabi during 2021, as well as the fallen livestock incinerator for Abu Dhabi and Al Dhafra, In addition to processing waste, Tadweer disposed of around 8,000 tonnes of fallen livestock, and produced about 2.7 million tonnes of recycled aggregate from demolition and construction waste. In addition, it produced 37,000 tonnes of organic fertiliser from agricultural and animal waste.

Tadweer also provided nine new centres for collecting recyclable material. In total, there are now 17 waste mines of the sort in the emirate.

Pest control

Meanwhile, the decrease in number of disease-carrying pests was a result of increasing the number of smart mosquito traps from 200 to 640 units. The authority also responded to 103,922 pest control services during the year.

COVID-19 impact

Tadweer also completed 80 per cent of the projects and initiatives for dealing with the impact of COVID-19, including 1,200 inspection procedures of the COVID-19 precautionary measures. It also participated in the national sterilisation campaign by allocating and operating spray vehicles over 227 days.

Waste sector control

Over the past year, Tadweer monitored more than 14,000 random disposal of sewage waste, around 25,000 cases of waste transport vehicles exit outside the boundaries of Abu Dhabi, and more than 764,000 cases of authorised access to official stations.