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Clockwise from top left: Muath Alnaqbi, Mohammed Al Haddad, Noor Mohammed Aldabal, Mohammed Juma, Mayed Adnan Alawadhi, Rawya Daneshi, Nada Al Suwaidi and Alia Al Janah

Dubai: As the UAE celebrates 51 years of its Federation, Emirati youth from as young as 10 had one unanimous vision for the nation — to find success, be the number one country in the world and to live in harmony among different nationalities.

Nada Al Suwaidi

Nada Al Suwaidi, 19, an MBBS student in Dubai at Mohammed Bin Rashid University of Medicine and Health Sciences (MBRU) said: “The UAE National Day is a day where I get to celebrate my country which taught me, allowed me to call it a home. In the UAE — the day is celebrated as one — one with people of all cultural backgrounds, nationalities. The day is a reminder of how it all started for UAE the transformation of the country landscape from sand to skyscrapers.”

Suwaidi said she wants her country to succeed and feel safe in the hands of Emiratis and the expatriates who have shaped the nation. “I want my country to feel confident and safe with me as a doctor. It is my way of giving back to the community.”

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Noor Mohammed Aldabal

Noor Mohammed Aldabal, 19, Psychology, and Social Research and Public Policy at New York University Abu Dhabi said: “If I could describe the impact that the UAE has on me as a member of the youth, I’d describe it as an infinite realm of opportunity and support that pushes me towards striving for phenomenal change.”

She said the UAE’s leadership has been the most pivotal point of support towards her education and the stepping stones she’s been taking towards her career. “Fundamentally, they’ve been a source of inspiration that I look up to- pushing me to be dedicated within every scope of my work. The leaders of my nation have granted me resources to pursue development both professionally and personally, allowing me to pursue a degree and start a business in a field I am passionate about,” said Aldabal.

Muath Alnaqbi

Muath Alnaqbi, 26, studying in first year post graduation, Prosthodontics at MBRU said: “The UAE National Day is very special to me, my family and friends. It is a celebration of our land that we have built. As an Emirati youth, I want to work hard for my nation and make it a place for everyone of different nationalities to live in harmony.”

Rawya Daneshi

Rawya Daneshi, 27, Masters in cancer and clinical oncology from Queen Mary university of London, said “Our 51st chapter begins with a celebration full of hope and empowerment. Our previous chapters held great value in empowering the youth and the women of the country. The late Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan said: “Youth is the real wealth.” Following Sheikh Zayed’s footsteps, the UAE is committed to empowering the young women and men of the UAE and placing its trust in us to work hard and lead the country into a brighter future. I consider it a privilege to work at Al Jalila Foundation where I am able to contribute to society and be a part of our beloved country’s upcoming chapters.”

Ali Al Janah

Alia Al Janah, 19 years old, 2nd Year Mechanical Engineering student at New York University Abu Dhabi said: Since before the birth of this nation, the UAE invested into its youth’s education and opportunities more than what can be asked for providing the best class of every field within its borders, today. Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan, may Allah rest have mercy on him, said “The asset of any developed nation is its educated sons.” Being able to pursue the education and career of my dreams without having to leave my home, thanks to UAE Leadership, is a blessing I will eternally be grateful for. Our leaders taught us the importance of having high quality goals to obtain high-quality results, and that’s how envision the UAE forever; a forward-moving nation.

Mohammed Juma

Mohammed Juma, Year 7 at GEMS Wellington Academy Silicon Oasis said his dream is to see the UAE as the top country in the world. “I want the UAE to be number one country in the world. The UAE National Day is symbolic to the multicultural society we live in. We have people from so many different parts of the world coming here. It truly is amazing.”

Juma said he loves the celebrations that happen for the UAE National Day. “Everyone dresses up in UAE’s national attire, including expats and it is really heartening to see that. Last year my teacher who is British wore an Abaya to school which was so nice.”

Nawaf Ali

Nawaf Ali, 10, Grade 4, Jumeirah School in Umm Suqeim could not agree more. “The UAE National Day is a reminder of the great culture we have in the UAE. It is a day that reminds us of the great work put in by our grandfathers, great grandfathers and how they helped shape our nation.”

Ali said the UAE National Day is very close to his heart for this is the day that united the country. “We celebrate the union of the seven emirates. What is also so special is that our grandfathers and ancestors received their passport. It is truly a very special day.”

Fatma Mohammed Al Haddad

Fatma Mohammed Al Haddad 12, a grade 7 student of Dubai National School said she is so proud to see her country grow multitudes. “I have read about the growth of UAE. How the emirates was nothing but a long stretch of desert. But today, it is a modern country where people from all the over the world descend upon.”

“Am so proud to be an Emirati. The UAE leaders encourage and support us for education which is tremendous. I hope to make my country proud,” said Haddad.

Mayed Adnan Alwadhi

Mayed Adnan Alawadhi, 12, studying in Grade 7 of Uptown International School will be doing a traditional yowlah dance at his school for the UAE National Day. “The yowlah is a traditional weapon dance of UAE which is performed during weddings, events and celebrations,” said Alawadhi. My dream is for UAE to grow and develop into the best nation in the world. I hope to be part of my country’s future development and be able to contribute for its growth to the best of my ability.”