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Picture used for illustrative purposes. Image Credit: Clint Egbert/Gulf News

Dubai: There are many reasons why a motorist in the UAE might earn a parking violation or fine – from failing to notice that a parking spot is reserved to not parking within the designated lines.

Parking violations in the UAE can range from Dh400 to Dh10,000 depending on the severity of the violation, and if you want to avoid getting a ticket, here is a list of all the parking fines that you need to keep in mind.


Parking behind vehicles and blocking movement

Have you ever been in a situation where you parked your car, only to come back to find another vehicle blocking it?According to UAE’s Federal Traffic Law, the fine for motorists who block other cars is Dh500.

If you do find yourself in a situation where your parked car has been blocked by a driver when you are in Dubai, you can report this to Dubai Police through their online service, ‘Reporting Vehicle Obstruction’ on their smart mobile application.

After you report the obstruction to Dubai Police, they will notify the vehicle owner via SMS that their car is parked illegally and must immediately be removed.

Parking in a space dedicated for People of Determination

Parking in spots reserved for People of Determination is illegal, and the violation carries a Dh1,000 parking fine and six traffic black points.

Unauthorised usage of People of Determination parking permit

Apart from misusing a parking spot for People of Determination, there is also a fine for people who misuse a parking permit that was issued to a Person of Determination. Whether you use an expired parking permit, or use one that was not issued to you, the violation will lead to a fine of Dh1,000.

Additionally, the permit has to be displayed on the car’s dashboard window. If it is not visible, the driver will incur a Dh1,000 fine.

Parking near a fire hydrant

While this might seem like an innocuous practice, fire hydrants in public places have the surrounding area marked clearly as a no-parking zone. This is because parking in that space can impede the work of emergency responders, in case of a fire. The UAE’s Federal Traffic Law states that parking near a fire hydrant would lead to a Dh1,000 fine.

Improper parking

If you have not parked in a hurry and your car has not been parked within the designated lines, or is taking up two parking spaces, you may end up with a Dh500 fine.

Parking vehicles on pavements

You are at a parking lot and have spent hours trying to search for an empty spot. While the search for parking can be exasperating, make sure you do not give in to the urge to park on the pavement. As per the Federal Traffic Law, parking on pavements can fetch you a fine of Dh400 fine.

Posting ‘for sale’ signs on your car

Using a parking lot to leave your car with a ‘for sale’ sign on it can lead to a fine of Dh1,000.

Parking at a bus stop

According to Abu Dhabi’s Integrated Transport Authority (ITC) parking in lay-bys dedicated for buses to stop is illegal and causes traffic obstruction and bus delays for passengers. Motorists found violating this rule will incur a Dh2,000 fine, according to ITC. 

Removing a parking zone plate or machine

Removing a parking ticket machine or zone plate without a permit can land you with a Dh10,000 fine according to RTA. Moreover, the fine for damaging a parking ticket machine is Dh1,000.


According to RTA, here are the fines for non-payment of parking ticket

Non-payment of parking ticket or ticket is not visible - Dh150
Exceeding parking time - Dh100
Exceeding maximum parking hours - Dh100