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Dubai: Have too many black points on your licence? In Dubai, you can sign up for a free training course with Dubai Police and get them reduced.

For example, in Abu Dhabi, you can enrol for the ‘Black Points Reduction Programme.'

If you are a Dubai Resident, on the other hand, you can take remedial action by signing up for Dubai Police’s ‘Reduce Traffic Black Points’ course.


Here is how to register for the ‘Reduce Traffic Black Points’ course:

1. Download the Dubai Police mobile application, available for both Android and Apple devices.

2. Open the app, and go to the services tab on the bottom of your mobile screen.

3. Scroll down to the third category, ‘Traffic Services’ and choose the fourth option – ‘Traffic Training Course’ and click on ‘Person Request’

4. Next, fill in your person details:

Emirates ID
Traffic code number
Mobile number
Email address
Landline (optional)

5. Next, choose your course as, ‘Reduce Traffic Black Points’

Choose the course time available from the schedule.

Choose your course language: Hindi, Arabic and English

*Comments and attachment is optional

6. Tap on ‘Submit’ and once you have submitted your application, you will be able to view a summary of your details.

What are black points?
Violations such as parking incorrectly or driving a vehicle with an expired licence does not only lead to a monetary fine but also black points. Black points are imposed on the driver’s licence and not on the vehicle. Each black point stays on the driver’s record for over a year, after which it automatically expires after a year. However, by attending traffic training course you can get them reduced. A driver can be penalised from 4 to 24 black points, which is the maximum.

The ‘Reduce Traffic Black Points’ course

The classes are free of cost and educate attendees on the UAE’s federal traffic laws. If you attend the classes, you can reduce eight black points. The classes will be at the Dubai Police Traffic Department branches.

You could get black points on your licence for many reasons – driving through a red light or driving dangerously fast are just two examples of such violations. If you accumulate over 24 black points, your licence will be confiscated by the police, as per the UAE Traffic Law. In such situations, you can reach out to the police department in your Emirate to find out how you can reduce the number of black points on your licence.