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You can complete the process online, through the RTA website, or by calling the RTA call centre on 800 90 90. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: If you are a Dubai resident, one of the most important accounts that you would need to keep a track of is your account with the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA). While almost all major services in Dubai have been centralised through the online ‘DubaiNow’ platform, it is important to ensure that your mobile number is updated on the records of authorities like the RTA, as you receive updates and reminders from the authority through SMS as well.

For example, when your car registration or driver’s licence is expired, you would receive a reminder from RTA through an SMS. Similarly, if you have a parking ticket, you will get an alert on your phone through an SMS. But what can you do if the number on the system is not updated?

1. Update the records online

You can easily update your personal records with RTA through the website – www.rta.ae

If you do not have an existing online account with RTA, you can log in using your UAE Pass or you can create an RTA account by following these steps:

1. Visit rta.ae
2. Click on ‘login’ on the top right corner of the screen and then click on ‘Create an account’.
3. Then click on ‘register as individual user’ and enter a username, and your full name and nationality.
4. Next enter your mobile number and email address and then click on ‘Proceed’.
You will then receive a one-time password (OTP) as an SMS or email, depending on the choice you select on the next page.
Once you register as a user, you will then be able to make the necessary changes to your account details.

Once you have logged in to the RTA website, follow these steps:

1. On your dashboard, select the ‘Manage my account’ option on the menu on the left.
2. Next, click on ‘edit profile’.
3. Here, you will see all the details registered with RTA, including your mobile number and email address.
Make the necessary changes and then check the box stating, ‘I am not a robot’ and click on ‘Continue’. The registered number will be updated on the RTA’s records.

2. Call the RTA helpline on 800 9090

Another way in which you can update your mobile number on the RTA system is by calling the RTA call centre on 800 9090.

You will first encounter an IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system, where you can state your requirement as “update mobile number’.

You will then be connected to a customer service executive who can assist you with the number change process.

They will first ask some verification questions, like your licence number or vehicle plate number, and once you provide them with the telephone number that you wish to update on the system, you will receive an OTP on your new registered number.

Once you provide the OTP, the number will be successfully updated on the RTA system.