Recycling stock
Dubai residents can sign for a free recycling collection service through the 'Dubai Now' app. Picture used for illustrative purposes. Image Credit: Shutterstick

Dubai: If you have old books, magazines, or newspapers lying around, you can easily get them recycled for free without leaving your home. All you have to do is download the ‘Dubai Now’ app and schedule a pick-up date.

Dubai Now’, which is available for Apple and Android devices, provides citizens and residents access to more than 170 government and private sector services from over 35 entities.

The ‘Go Green’ collection drive is one of the many services in the Dubai Now app, and it aims to promote sustainability and recycling.

Here are all the details.


How to apply for the free recycling service in Dubai

To access the ‘Dubai Now’ app you must have a UAE Pass account, which is a national digital identity for visitors, residents and citizens in the UAE. 

Step 1: Download the ‘Dubai Now’ app and sign in with your UAE Pass

• Download the ‘Dubai Now’ app from the Google Play store or Apple App Store.
• Next, sign in with your UAE Pass account or tap ‘Create a UAE Pass Account’ if you do not have one. Click here for a detailed guide on setting up a UAE Pass account.
• On the app’s homepage, select the ‘Social’ category and tap on ‘Go Green’.

Step 2: Fill in the application details

Fill out an application form with the following details:
• Your full name and mobile number will be automatically entered because you signed in with your UAE Pass.
• Select the pick-up date.
• Provide the approximate weight of the material you want to recycle and add a short description.
• Tap the ‘Continue’ button.
• Select your address from the interactive map or enter the location on the search bar. Tap ‘Confirm Address’.

Step 3: Review your application and submit

• Next, review your application details and submit.
• You will then receive a notification that your application was submitted successfully and also get a reference number.

What is the pickup time?

According to Dubai Now, the pick-up time is anywhere from 6am to 11am, and it will take one or two days to process the collection request.