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The parking codes in Dubai determines the public parking areas - rate, the timings and when it's free. Picture used for illustrative purposes. Image Credit: Virendra Saklani/Gulf News

Dubai: Most public parking spots in Dubai allow you to pay for a parking ticket for a maximum up to four hours, but did you know that there are certain parking zones that allow you to pay for parking for a 24-hour period? This is a helpful option for motorists who wish to use the parking spot for extended durations, and do not want to worry about missing renewing the parking ticket.

You will be able to identify these parking zones from the letter on parking signboards, which indicates the zone code of the paid parking area.


Alphabets on parking signs – what do they mean?

Public parking spots in Dubai are identified by a blue and orange sign with the parking zone number and code provided, for example - 232C. The letter is the parking code and it signifies a few things like:

• What is the hourly parking rate?
• What is the minimum and maximum duration of time that you can park your car in the zone on a single ticket?
• When is the parking zone free?
• Whether you can or cannot use a seasonal parking card in the zone.


Parking zones in Dubai which issue 24x7 parking tickets

Code B

This code is for parking lots in commercial areas and the maximum parking duration allowed per ticket is 24 hours.

Parking duration and fees:
• Dh3 per hour
• Dh6 for two hours
• Dh8 for three hours
• Dh12 for four hours
• Dh15 for five hours
Dh20 for 24 hours

Code D

Parking lots in non-residential locations are identified by the code D.

Parking duration and fees:
• Dh2 for one hour
• Dh4 for two hours
• Dh5 for three hours
• Dh7 for four hours
Dh10 for 24 hours.

Code K

Parking codes with the letter K are located in the Jumeirah Lake Towers (JLT) area.
• Dh2 for 30 minutes
• Dh4 for one hour
• Dh8 for two hours
• Dh12 for three hours
• Dh16 for four hours.
• Dh20 for five hours
• Dh24 for six hours
• Dh28 for seven hours
Dh32 for eight to 24 hours.


24/7 multi-storey car parks in Dubai

Another parking space where you are able to pay for a 24 hour ticket is the multi-storey car parks operated by RTA. They can found in the following locations:

1. Al Ghubaiba Car Park
2. Al Sabkha Car Park
3. Naif Car Park
4. Al Kifaf Car Park
5. Oud Maitha Car Park
6. Al Satwa
7. Al Rigga Car Park
8. Bani Yas Cark Park

Multi-storey parking fees in Dubai:

Dh5 per hour, plus Value Added Tax (VAT).
Dh42 for one day, plus VAT.

In case you lose the ticket, you will have to pay a Dh150 fine and the parking fees for the duration.

Multi-storey car parks are different from public parking areas, as they operate around the clock, which means that you would need to pay for parking in these facilities regardless of the time of day.

On the other hand, public paid parking zones only charge for parking from 8am each day, to either 6pm or 10pm that day, depending on the parking zone. While most parking zones operate till 10pm, parking zones located in the Knowledge Village, Dubai Media City and Dubai Internet City charge for parking from 8am to 6pm.

Also, these public parking zones are free to use on Sundays, specifically from Saturday 6pm or 10pm (depending on the zone) up to Monday 8am.