RTA parking signs
RTA parking signs Image Credit: RTA

Dubai: On June 1, Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) announced that it had installed over 17,500 new directional signs in areas where you need to pay for parking in the Emirate.

The new signs are meant to make payment for parking a lot easier and smarter for motorists. Here is how you can use them.

How do I spot the new signs?

You will be able to find the new directional signs underneath the bigger orange parking sign, which has ‘Paid Parking Zone’, written on it, along with the parking area code that is used to pay for parking within the zone.

The new signs are smaller and vertical, blue and white in colour, and provide information on digital payment options that have been made available to motorists.

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What is the information provided on the signs?

The signs provide the following details:

1. Zone number/code – this is usually a three digit number, followed by a letter. For example, 214 C.
2. QR codes – you will then see three Quick Response (QR) codes, which enable motorists to use their smartphone to make the parking payment.
3. mParking number – next, you will also be informed of the mParking number in Dubai – 7275 – which allows motorists to pay for parking via SMS.
4. Tariff – next on the signboard, you will be provided the breakdown of the parking charges, depending on how long you wish to use the parking. It will also provide you with the maximum number of hours for which you can pay for parking.
5. Charging hours – the paid parking hours can be found next on the board, including timings during Ramadan.
6. SMS parking assistance – finally, the signboard provides a QR code, in case a user wants to know more about the correct format and terms of use for the SMS parking option.

Three smart ways to pay for parking

The signboard provides three QR codes. To use them, all you need to do is open the camera app on your smartphone and point the phone towards the board. As most recent smartphones have a built-in QR code reader, the app will automatically detect a QR code, and provide a prompt for the website that the code is linked to. In case your phone’s camera app does not have this feature, you would need to download a QR code reader on the application store.

Once you tap on the link that is prompted on scanning the QR code, it will automatically direct you to the relevant platform. Here are the three options available to you and how you can use them:

1. RTA app

The first QR code directs users to the RTA app itself. By scanning the QR code you will be able to open the app, or download it, if it is not already set up on your phone.

In the app, the ‘pay public parking fees’ option, allows you to use your smartphone’s location to detect which paid parking zone you are in. You can then select the number of hours for which you wish to pay.

2. Apple Pay

If you have an iPhone, the second option allows you to pay for parking through Apple Pay. By scanning the QR code, the phone will direct you to the RTA apps parking ticket option.

The parking location will be automatically detected, along with the parking zone code.

You will then need to enter the following details:

1. Your mobile number
2. Car number plate details
3. Parking duration

Tap on ‘continue’. You will get a summary of your parking ticket, after which you can simply tap on the ‘Apple Pay’ button to make the payment.

3. Whatsapp

If you scan the third QR code, your phone will switch to Whatsapp and open a conversation window with the official RTA Whatsapp number – 058 800 9090.

The message window will have the text automatically entered, which you need to send to pay for parking via Whatsapp. For example, ‘Parking 214 C’.

When you send the message, your parking ticket cost will be deducted from your mParking account balance.

Don’t have an mParking account balance? Here is how you can set it up

• Open the ‘RTA Dubai’ app and log in using your UAE Pass account.
• Under ‘Road users’, tap on ‘Parking’.
• Select ‘Top up parking account’.
• Select the amount with which you wish to top up your balance. You can choose from Dh10 to Dh500.
• Tap on ‘Pay’.
• You can then pay for parking using Apple Pay, the DubaiNow account or by using your credit or debit card.