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Giving a helping hand to overcome those classic summertime issues is Health at Hand, the recently launched free-to-download app which connects patients with highly trained, licensed doctors via video consultation in minutes.

Resident doctor, Dr. Ruhil Badiani, lends her expertise to bust some of the common myths often believed during the summer months and gives the cold hard facts.

Myth: Some believe that using a cold milk compress or taking a milk bath helps soothe a sunburn

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Fact: The cold milk may help the sunburn feel cooler, however, there is no medical evidence to back up the claim that milk helps repair the damaged skin. So, save on the milk expense, and stick with a cold shower – it’s just as good. Other tricks for a quick sunburn recovery include drinking extra water in order to stay hydrated, applying Aloe Vera to soothe swelling, redness and discomfort and the obvious one, refraining from any further sun exposure.


Myth: The main cause of jetlag is lack of sleep on the plane

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Fact: Jet Lag isn’t actually about how many hours of sleep travellers have clocked up, it’s a disconnect between the internal body clock and the external time of the holiday destination. Rapid travel throws off our circadian rhythm so in order to minimise the effect of jet lag, adapting to the new time zone as quickly as possible is key. Set a watch to the new time zone before the flight and when landed, match the rhythm of the destination immediately – sleep when it is time to sleep, eat when it is time to eat and stay awake when it is daylight.


Myth: The only way to combat Deep Vein Thrombosis aka “economy class syndrome” is to buy a seat in first or business class for that extra leg-room

Fact: Not true! It’s nothing to do with the size of the seat or the amount of leg room, it’s all to do with movement. Keep moving throughout the flight, doing laps of the plane and simple stretches in the aisles to help prevent DVT. For those more susceptible to the condition, doctors may advise taking 75mgs of Aspirin the day before travelling as it is known for thinning the blood and supporting good circulation.


Myth: If it’s cool or cloudy outside, no need for sun protection or sunscreen

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Fact: The reality is that up to 80 percent of the sun’s ultraviolet rays can penetrate through clouds, therefore it is important to protect your skin whether the sun is visible or not. UV rays also reflect off surfaces like sand, snow, cement, and water, so there is always a risk of UV radiation. Protect that precious skin and always apply sunscreen which is at least 15 SPF with a star rating of four or above for UVA protection. As well as this, be sure to avoid the sun when the rays are strongest (between 10am to 4pm).


Myths: Mosquitos will bite you regardless of the colour clothing you are wearing

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Fact: Believe it or not, mosquitoes are attracted to dark colours because they absorb heat whilst lighter colours tend to reflect heat. Mosquitoes have sophisticated and highly sensitive heat sensors and tend to be more attracted to the warmth of a victim. The best way to avoid mosquito bites is to wear light coloured clothing while covering up your arms and legs. Always use a mosquito repellent and a good mosquito net when you sleep at night and be sure to pack mosquito spray and anti-itch creams to treat the inevitable bites.