The 2009 Arab film Ajami, which was nominated for the 82nd Academy Awards in the Foreign Language Film category, will show at The Arts Centre of NYU Abu Dhabi on February 6.

The 7pm screening — running for two hours with English subtitles — will take place at the Blue Hall as part of the inaugural season of CinemaNA.

Ajami is about two brothers who are afraid of assassination: a young refugee who is unlawfully employed in an attempt to cover his mother’s medical costs, and an officer who is obsessed with finding his missing brother.

The director, Scandar Copti, who is also an assistant arts professor of film at the university, will hold a Q&A session after the film.

CinemaNA aims to showcase contemporary Arab cinema. Tickets will be available from 3pm on January 24.

Upcoming screenings include The Wanted 18 at Paris-Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi on March 6 at 7pm.