Imagine Dragons, the band that shot to fame with their song It’s Time in 2012, is back with a new single called Thunder. The video, released on May 2, was shot completely in Dubai.

On March 16, the Imagine Dragons official Instagram account posted a photo of the group with the caption “In Milan. Now Dubai bound to film something special...”

That week, the American band teased fans in the city with photos of themselves enjoying the desert, leading many to speculate about the reason behind their visit. An Instagram post of a slate against the backdrop of the Burj Khalifa finally satiated the fans’ curiosity — the group was in Dubai to film a new music video.

After the video was released, fans took to the comments section of the previously mentioned Instagram post and attempted to identify any hints that the band may have dropped. Many fans have also expressed disappointment about the absence of a concert in Dubai but most were just happy they were getting one more video in the span of two months, the last being in March for their song Believer.

The video was primarily filmed in the Dubai Design District and also includes scenes featuring the widely spoken about sheep of d3. Despite being shot completely in black and white, it manages to capture the beauty of the city with shots of popular areas like Shaikh Zayed Road, Citywalk and Dubai Marina.

Its odd concept, with characters sporting alien-like faces, has led many fans to develop theories about the concept behind it. Some have suggested that the song and video are an ode to being different and not conforming to society’s expectations. However, neither the band nor the director of the music video, Joseph Kahn, have commented on its meaning.

— Anieka Sequeira, is an intern at Gulf News.