Former Miss World Bulgaria
Former Miss World Bulgaria Margo Cooper Image Credit: Instagram/ MargoCooper

Former Miss World Bulgaria Margo Cooper is all set to make her debut in India. She will appear in a new music video ‘Aasman’ along with Vatsal Seth.

Margo, who has been living in India for quite some time now, is thrilled about her career switch.

“The team behind my debut Indian music video is very professional and all of them are good human beings - a factor very important to me," said Cooper.

The music video was shot in Alibaug and not knowing Hindi wasn't a barrier.

“There is nothing better in life to do what you like and I am very lucky to have my first experience with such an amazing team. Though the language is Hindi it was not a challenge because I knew the script and love story of this song. I must say Vatsal is an experienced actor and a professional one. It was very easy and comfortable to work with him," she added.

India is a country where music videos have always been made and appreciated by the audience. Margo added: “I think the audience here likes good visuals, love stories, and music. That’s why the music video industry will always bloom here alongside movies.”

Giving details about the music video, she explained: “I think it’s all about feelings, it should touch someone’s soul which can bring out some genuine emotions. I’m definitely keen on more music videos and it makes me happy.”

The music video is out now.