Ye, formerly known as Kanye West.
Ye, formerly known as Kanye West. Image Credit: Supplied

American rapper Kanye West was spotted in Dubai recently, apparently barefoot at a mall. 

A new video showed the rapper strolling across a shining white floor in an all-black outfit, including a top with cut-off sleeves, reports Kanye wore a matching pair of black trousers with a cross-shoulder bag slung across his back.

A fan called after him: "How you doing, bro? It's a pleasure to see you. I love your music, man."

Kanye shrugged off the fan attention as he gave them a half-hearted wave and a smile before bolting toward the elevator. The fan described Kanye's awkward jog as a "goofy run".

As per, the star trotted toward the elevator as the doors closed in front of him and the fans approached closer. Kanye quickly called for another elevator, a sense of panic ensuing as he hurriedly searched for another elevator door to open.

Security blocked the fan's entrance into the elevator and they gave him a 'goodbye'.

As Kanye's security operated the elevator for him, he stopped averting his eyes and glanced in the fan's direction, giving a slight head nod in response. One security guard stayed behind and Kanye gave him a "thumbs up", indicating he was safely good to go as the elevator doors closed.