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Barbra Streisand. Image Credit: AP

Singer and actress Barbra Streisand has revealed that she has a second name and has been using it since her time as a student actress.

In her new book ‘My Name Is Barbra’, the singer-actress explained that when she was taking acting classes, she wanted to learn as much as possible, reports Mirror.co.uk.

As much as she adored her teacher, Barbra also wanted to expand her knowledge and try out another teacher.

The actress was scared that it may hurt the feelings of her original teacher, so she signed up for classes under a different name.

After finding the name in a phone book, Barbra went undercover as Angelina Scarangella.

The singer wrote: “I thought it sounded so beautiful, and I used it for years, whenever I wanted to be incognito. At Mount Sinai Hospital, where I gave birth to my son, Jason, I was listed as Angelina Scarangella.”

As per Mirror.co.uk, Streisand admitted that she continues to use the name by displaying it on her dressing room door backstage. However, the singer added that now she’ll have to change her alias since the world now knows.

Elsewhere in the book, the veteran star opened up on how she “still hurts” after she was targeted for her appearance.

The ‘Woman in Love’ singer revealed how she was told she should alter her nose and teeth to push her career forward more.

Despite the opinions causing her hurt to this day, she remains defiant in her decision that her talent was enough to see her through - something her hugely successful resume clearly proves.