K-drama stars Shin Min-a and Kim Young-dae.
K-drama stars Shin Min-a and Kim Young-dae. Image Credit: Instagram

Looks like the ‘rom-com’ trend for K-drama is here to stay for a bit, following the success of Junho-Yoona starrer, King the Land. Viewers can look forward to new pairings of South Korean actors and actresses to lead some upcoming series.

Shin Min-a, Kim Young-dae confirmed for new K-drama

Popular South Korean actress Shin Min-a, and actor Kim Young-dae will soon star together in a new K-drama.

On September 13, South Korean streaming service Tving confirmed that the two K-drama stars have been confirmed to play the lead roles for its upcoming drama ‘Because I Want No Loss’ (literal title).

The duo will be acting as a fake married couple.

The drama’s plot centers on Shin Min-a’s character Son Hae-young, a woman who resorts to a sham marriage, to avoid missing out on a promotion at her workplace.

Young-dae will play Kim Ji-wook, a night shift part-timer at a convenience store, who is known in the neighbourhood as a righteous man. He receives an unlikely proposal from Son Hae-young, a customer with whom he feels especially incompatible, and accepts to act the part of a fake groom as another part-time job.

Shin Min-a is best known for K-dramas such as ‘Our Blues’, ‘Oh My Venus’, ‘Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha’, and more. She's one of the top female actresses in Korea.

And, Young-dae gained popularity for his role in K-dramas like ‘Shooting Stars' and ‘The Forbidden Marriage’.

Their casting sparks excitement among fans who look forward to an amusing romantic comedy.

Written by writer Kim Hye-young of ‘Her Private Life’ fame, the K-drama is expected to release in 2024.

According to the South Korean entertainment website soompi.com, the production team remarked: “‘Because 'I Want No Loss’ is a romantic comedy that [viewers] can enjoy without thinking too much for the first time in a long, while amidst the flood of various genres. It is a drama that can’t hurt watching because we have enabled realism by adding relatable realistic stories.”

2. Kwon Hyun-bin and Song Ji-woo will be starring in new K-drama

South Korean singer and actor Kwon Hyun-bin will soon be starring opposite actress Song Ji-woo who was last seen in the comedy drama ‘Shh! Please Take Care of Him’, in an upcoming drama titled ‘Love’s Andante’ (literal title).

Reportedly, the drama is set in the DMZ area (Korea’s ‘Demilitarised Zone’) of Goseong, Gangwon Province.

According to soompi.com, ‘Love’s Andante’ is a romantic comedy that revolves around a fictional peaceful village where people from North and South Korea live together for a year with their stories interconnected through music.

Kwon Hyun-bin will lead in the role of Im Joo Hyung, a talented and good-looking pianist, who becomes the first Korean to win first place in an International competition. Seeking an escape from his hectic tour schedule, he enters the peace village and unexpectedly starts living together with Ha Na-kyung (played by Song Ji-woo), who is from North Korea. She is the daughter of a high-ranking North Korean official.

The release date and other production details are yet to be announced.

3. Pyo Ye-jin And Lee Jun-young to lead new romance comedy

‘Taxi Driver’ actress Pyo Ye-jin and South Korean rapper and actor Lee Jun-young of ‘May I Help You’ and ‘D.P.’ fame, are now confirmed to lead an upcoming K-drama.

Titled ‘I Openly Dream of Becoming Cinderella’ (working title). The romantic comedy draws the turbulent romance involves a woman who dreams of becoming Cinderella and a knight in shining armor who doesn’t believe in love.

Lee Jun-young will take on the role of Moon Cha-min, an arrogant third-generation chaebol and the CEO of a social club. He holds a deep disdain for those who harbour Cinderella-like dreams. However, his life takes an unexpected turn when he becomes entangled with a new employee Shin Jae-rim.

Ye-jin will portray Jae-im, who initially takes on the job of a social club manager with the hope of meeting a wealthy chaebol prince. As her journey unfolds, she gradually learns to rely less on others and actively pursues true love. In the process, she transforms into an independent modern-day Cinderella who takes control of her own life.

Writer Baek Mi-kyung, known for ‘Strong Woman Do Bong Soon’, will be reportedly participating in the upcoming project as a creator. The drama will be helmed by director Kim Min Kyung of ‘Comedy Big League’ and ‘SNL Korea’ and penned by the up-and-coming writer Yoo Ja.

4. Jinyoung of boy band B1A4 to star opposite actress Jung Ji-so

South Korean singer and actor Jung Jinyoung has been cast as the male lead of an upcoming Korean series.

Professionally known as Jinyoung, the South Korean singer, songwriter, record producer, and actor was a member and leader of the former boy group B1A4. He gained recognition with the 2016 television series ‘Love in the Moonlight’ and the 2021 series ‘Police University’.

On September 15, the artist’s label BB Entertainment clarified he was reviewing an offer for the remake of 'Miss Granny', a 2014 South Korean comedy-drama film about a 74-year-old woman who transforms back into her 20-year-old self after a mysterious studio photo.

Parasite actress Jung Ji-so, who also played the lead role in the K-drama ‘The Cursed’ has been confirmed to be playing the role of female lead Oh Doo-ri, in the new drama.

The South Korean entertainment website allkpop.com reported that the story has been remade in China as '20 Once Again', in Vietnam as 'Sweet 20', in Japan as 'Sing My Life', in Thailand as 'Suddenly Twenty', in Indonesia as 'Sweet 20', and in the Philippines as 'Miss Granny'.