Julia Roberts Image Credit: REUTERS

Actress Julia Roberts says she tries to avoid meeting her fans in person as she feels shy.

Despite having spent years in the public eye, Roberts says she never knows what to say when she meets a fan.

“I don’t hate it, but I try to avoid it,” she told Hello! magazine.

“I don’t think I’m very good in that interaction. It’s always been that way. Maybe I’m more shy than I realised,” she added.

Roberts, who turned 50 this year, was delighted to celebrate the milestone with her children — Hazel, Phinnaeus and Henry.

“I had a lovely surprise in the form of my three kids. My husband and I were on a little trip in San Francisco and I was a little sad I wasn’t with them for the day. Then we turned into a shop — my husband directed me in there — and I looked around and there they were,” said Roberts, who is married to cinematographer Daniel Moder.

“We had a gorgeous day, just the five of us. Being with my family, that’s happiness for me,” she added.