Sushant Singh Rajput. Image Credit: AFP

Sushant Singh Rajput’s friend and flatmate Siddharth Pithani claimed that the actor was greatly disturbed by his name being associated with his former manager Disha Salian’s suicide.

In an interview with TV channel Zoom, Pithani claimed that Rajput was merely acquainted with Salian and they only met each other once. But he was unsettled when news articles led with his name and the tragedy.

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“She was Sushant’s manager for only a very small time … His sister was there to take care of him that time. She fed him, gave him water. His sister came over the day Rhea [Chakraborty] left. The following day this incident happened, and that affected him so much. He fainted also. His sister and me were in the same room. We all saw how badly it affected him,” Pithani said in the interview.

Even a month after Rajput’s death, answers continue to elude fans. Several conspiracy theories are floating around with many believing that Salian’s suicide on June 8 was somehow linked to Rajput’s suicide on June 14.

Disha Salin and Varun Sharma
Disha Salian and Varun Sharma. Image Credit: Supplied

Patani’s mother also stressed that there’s no connection between the two tragedies.

“This cannot have a connection with Sushant’s death, she never took his name. We didn’t know that she was Sushant’s manager. We came to know later. Only once, she had told us that she had gone to Sushant’s house with somebody. How can there be a connection after meeting him just once? She was his manager for a very short time,” said Salian’s mother Vasanthi in an interview with Zee.

Pithani also confirmed that Rajput was being treated for depression and he was on call to ensure that the actor took his medicines.

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Meanwhile, a team of police officials from Bihar — the state where Rajput’s father lodged an FIR against Chakraborty — have arrived in Mumbai to investigate the actor’s death.

As many as 41 people’s statements have been recorded by the Mumbai Police in relation to Rajput’s death. As of today, there has been no significant breakthrough.