Actor Sunny Deol is riding high after the stupendous success of 'Gadar 2'
Actor Sunny Deol is riding high after the stupendous success of 'Gadar 2'. He's with actor Utkarsh Sharma, who stars in the same film. Image Credit: ANI

Actor Sunny Deol is currently enjoying the grand success of his recently released action drama film ‘Gadar 2’.

The film has collected Rs 1.34 billion in just three days in India.

On Monday, during a press conference Sunny reacted to the grand success of the film and said, “I was quite stressed over the period of time and when this film hit the cinema halls, I don’t know why it felt like God came inside me. I was crying and laughing all night and evening. I also met my father (Dharmendra) and said no I am not drunk, I am happy what do I do.”

He also recited a few lines of the track ‘Main Nikla Gaddi Leke’ from the film during the conference with a new touch.

He said, “Main nikla gaddi leke.. ik mod aaya.. uththe mere naal mera rab aa gaya.”

The film literally ushered in a wave of nostalgia among people especially 90s kids who have grown up watching ‘Gadar’.

Helmed by Anil Sharma, ‘Gadar’ was released in theatres in 2001. Sunny Deol played the role of Tara, a truck driver, while Ameesha played Sakina in the film that was set during the partition of India in 1947. ‘Gadar 2’ follows Tara Singh as he ventures across the border in a daring attempt to rescue his son, portrayed by Utkarsh Sharma, who has been captured in Pakistan.

Talking about his character in the film, Sunny said, “Gadar is a very personal film for me, I am very connected to Tara Singh.”

The sequel has managed to create a record at the box office with huge collections. On its first Sunday in theatres, August 13, ‘Gadar 2’ earned a whopping Rs 52 crore.