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IFZA Dubai

It provides local and international businesses with the ideal platforms and location to fully optimise the benefits of the UAE’s strategic geographic position and world-class infrastructure in a business and tax-friendly environment. Business owners and employees can also benefit from flexible residency visa packages and a wide spectrum of innovative office solutions and real estate products from its new headquarters at Dubai Digital Park.


Business-owners can rely on accurate advice on the perfect fit for their companies from more than 2,000 business activities within three distinct types: Professional, Commercial and Industrial. Foreign incorporated companies may also register a branch at IFZA.


IFZA offers single and multi-year free zone business licenses, with a choice of up to three free business activities in every license.

Contact details

Ifza.com; 800-IFZA (4392)

Sharjah Media City (Shams)

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Shams was launched in 2017 to act as a catalyst for creative and media businesses to grow and thrive.

Key Sectors

Despite being a media free zone, Shams offers over 150 business activities across various sectors.


Shams offers Service, Trading and Industrial licences. Its standard licence pricing is Dh11,500.

Special offers

● 30 per cent off on standard licence packages with three business activities on the same licence

● Up to 35 per cent off on multi-year licence packages

● Freelancer licences start from Dh5,750

Contact details

800 Shams (74267); Shams.ae

Umm Al Quwain Free Trade Zone

Umm Al Quwain
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Key sectors

Food and beverages, light industry, medical equipment trading, I.T. consultancies and international investment firms.


● Commercial with specific activities, trading and general Trading

● E-Commerce and portal licences

● Professional services with consultancy activities

● Industrial licences

● Premium licences with special activities such as investments, logistics, legal consultancy and more

● Freelance permits

Special packages

Currently, the free zone provides up to 50 per cent subsidy across various licence packages. Additionally, it offers reduced industrial land rental rates, and e-channel deposit waivers for most licence packages. It also has bespoke office spaces including all utilities packages.

Contact Details

Uaqftz.com; 06 764 7272

Dubai CommerCity

Dubai CommerCity
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Key sectors

E-commerce, fashion and apparel, beauty and cosmetics and pharma, among others

Licence types


● With this type of licence, holders are entitled to trade goods and services online.


● This licence allows the holder to carry out trading activities specified in their licence, including import, export, distribution, and storage of specific products.


● This licence is suitable for service-oriented businesses. It enables entities to provide the services specified by their licence.

General Trading

● This licence allows the holder to trade in general activities, including import, export, re-export, storage, and distribution.


● This licence allows the holder to offer services based on the activities specified in their licence.

Special packages

Dubai CommerCity is the ideal destination for businesses looking to set up or expand their e-commerce business. It offers special tailored packages based on individual requirements of your business both for business set-up and e-commerce enablement services enabling fast e-commerce fulfilment across the region.

Contact details

Dubaicommercity.ae; info@dubaicommercity.ae

Fujairah Free Zone

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Key sectors represented

Fujairah Free Zone Authority is a government organisation focused on encouraging foreign investments by providing efficient solutions for licencing through ease in issuing permits as well as administrative services. Fujairah Free Zone provides a lucrative infrastructure base for attracting all kinds of FDIs and manufacturing entities to join the multinational set up of large medium and small businesses operating in Fujairah.


● Fujairah Free Zone has the infrastructure to accommodate investors in the fields of trading, manufacturing, assembling, distribution, consultancy, logistics and marine, by providing trading offices, warehouses or land as per their requirement.

Special packages

Fujairah Free Zone Authority is offering special packages and discounted offers for companies who would like to start their business. Investors can enjoy advantages, privileges and maximum assistance from the authority.

Contact details

09 222 8000 ext. 123, 175, 129; Fujairahfreezone.com


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● KIZAD offers some of the most competitive free zone business set-up packages in the UAE.

● Ideal location between Abu Dhabi and Dubai

● 1,2,3 & 4 visa free zone packages for up to three years

● Packages include shared workstations or dedicated offices, free internet & Wi-Fi, one-stop-shop services, company set-up in 24-hours, quick and easy approvals, no security deposits on start-up packages, no deposits for visas and dual licences available for Abu Dhabi

Special packages

SME start-up packages start from Dh9,450 (+VAT)

Contact details

Kizad.ae/landing/freezone; 800 10 20 30

Hamriyah Free Zone (HFZA)

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Key sectors

Hamriyah Free Zone offers investors the opportunity to open a company in one of six diverse sectors — oil and gas, industrial manufacturing, Food Park, maritime industry, Global Logistics Park and Accelerator Hub.


HFZA offers three types of licences:

● Commercial licences for trading, general trading and e-commerce

● Industrial licences

● Service licences

Special packages

HFZA’s ongoing promotions for warehouses, offices and land plots are 50 per cent incorporation fee waive off for the first year; 100 per cent licence fee waive off for the first year; 50 per cent service fee waive off for the first year; and deferment of security deposit until next year’s licence renewal.

Contact details

06 526 3333; info@hfza.ae; Hfza.ae

RAK International Corporate Centre (RAK ICC)

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RAK International Corporate Centre (RAK ICC) is one of the fastest growing government-owned corporate registries with an excellent reputation for compliance and professional services.

Key sectors

RAK ICC companies are best suited for private wealth management and succession planning,

international tax planning, securitisation and ring-fencing assets, and ownership of real estate properties and assets. It is also suited for international business such as trade, structured finance transitions, corporate restructuring and redomiciliations, holding structures and special purpose vehicles.


RAK ICC regulations allow for flexibility in the company structure via the varying types of companies that may be incorporated i.e. (a) a company limited by shares; (b) a company limited by guarantee that is or not authorised to issue shares; (c) an unlimited company that is authorised to issue shares; (d) a segregated portfolio company; or (e) a restricted purposes company and classification of shares are allowed under these structures.

Special packages

RAK ICC offers various packages in redomiciliation with the most cost-effective registration fee. RAK ICC registered companies can benefit from the amnesty programme till the end of 2021.

Contact details