In March, two Emirates flights from Dubai to London Heathrow were forced to redirect to different airports. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: An Emirates Airbus A380 flight from Dubai to Manchester was subject to additional 'security checks' at the UK airport on Tuesday, according to official sources.

An Emirates spokesperson confirmed flight EK019, which arrived in Manchester on October 17, was subject to additional security checks upon arrival. After local authorities cleared the aircraft, it proceeded to the gate where passengers disembarked as usual, explained the spokesperson.

“Emirates crew and ground teams co-operated fully with the authorities,” the statement added.

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While the airline has not provided a reason as to what caused the incident, passengers shared videos on social media platform X (formerly Twitter) when emergency services surrounded an Emirates flight after it landed at Manchester Airport.

The flight set off from Dubai Airport at 2:30pm local time on Tuesday, October 17, and arrived at Manchester Airport shortly after 7:00pm. As the plane landed, it was greeted by Greater Manchester Police and the fire service on the runway.

Earlier this year, Emirates flight EK020 from Manchester to Dubai was diverted to Vienna for operational reasons.