Adding elements of fun to the educational process can help children become more engaged and interested in learning about Ramadan. Image Credit: Shutterstock

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Ramadan is here, and even as you're busy with grocery shopping and decor, there's something else that could use your attantion. How do you get your children excited for the holy month?

If you’re looking for engaging, fun ways to introduce the holy month and Eid to your little ones, there are a number of ways you can do so. From elaborate puzzles that are miniature replicas of important Islamic sites, to prayer mats that teach your child how to pray, we found some great gifts ahead of Ramadan that will get children excited and curious to learn more about it.

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1. Best Interactive Gift: Happy Journey Ramadan Calendar 

Count down to Eid with this Ramadan calendar, which you can add to your home’s décor as a fun way for children to engage meaningfully with the month. The festive design of the calendar features familiar elements, like dates, lanterns, prayer mats and more. Reviewers say it comes in a beautiful box, and even includes free printables that you can print and place inside the calendar drawers as a fun (but informative) surprise.

2. Best Educational Toy: GStorm Kids Educational Smart Prayer Mat 

If you’re trying to teach your little one to pray this Ramadan, pick up this interactive prayer mat that combines learning with fun. The mat features touch-sensitive keys, with adjustable volume controls, and can operate in seven languages, including English, Arabic, French, and Urdu. The mat even educates your child about wudhu (ablution), the call to prayer, as well as prayer times and positions. It’s lightweight and portable, making it the perfect gift this Ramadan for kids over three years of age.

3. Best Books: Pidoko Kids Islamic Books for Children (Set of 7) 

Looking for a way to reduce screen time? Pidoko Kids’ book set teaches children over three years old about Ramadan, shares stories about some important historical figures, and even offers insight into Islamic vocabulary. With several beautiful illustrations, the comprehensive and sturdy board books are ideal for little hands. Reviewers say the language used is simple and the narrative is engaging enough to hold children’s attention for a long period of time.

4. Best for Babies: Mommy Yasmin Soothe and Glow Talking Cloud 

This soothing cloud pillow is a perfect addition to a toddler bed or baby crib. It plays five chapters of the Quran and 14 duas (prayers) for different occasions, in two languages – English and Arabic. The cloud pillow also features a gentle glowing light that doubles as a night light. Use a remote control to operate it and offer your baby a tranquil, spiritual environment as Ramadan approaches. Mothers in the reviews say the pillow is the perfect size, with many using it to set up a relaxing ambience while nursing their babies.

5. Best Playhouse: HilalFul Theme Cardboard Mosque Playhouse 

Let your children’s imagination run free with this cardboard playhouse, which is designed in the shape of a mosque. The spacious retreat offers a safe space for your little one, whether they want to engage in pretend play, storytelling, or quiet time. Crafted from thick, durable cardboard, the ‘playmosque’ is easy to assemble and comes with clear instructions. Make this unique gift a centrepoint in their room, where you can join them for family bonding time, and for sharing stories this Ramadan.

6. Best Puzzle: Alif and Friends Masjid Al Haram Building Blocks Set 

If your pre-teen loves puzzles, give them the ultimate challenge this Ramadan, with a 2291-piece replica of Masjid Al Haram. Children can recreate the grandeur of Makkah, Saudi Arabia, even as they develop essential skills like patience, persistence, problem-solving and fine motor control. Enthusiastic reviewers say it’s a fun project to work on together, as a whole family, and the instructions provided help in completing all the intricate details.

7. Best for Teens: Sculpd Pottery Kit 

Give your older child a way to express themselves this Ramadan, with a pottery starter kit from Sculpd. It has everything they need to make their own clay lantern, crescent moon or whatever else strikes their imagination. This pottery kit for two includes 2kg premium air-dry clay, a step-by-step guide, clay sculpting tools, white acrylic paint, waterproof gloss varnish, two paintbrushes and a potter's sponge. Reviewers say the clay itself is soft and easy to manipulate. It dries smoothly, into a lovely stone colour, which your child can then use as a blank canvas for paint. Add the gloss varnish to make the entire pottery creation waterproof.

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