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Discover life hacks by TikTok users that can help with sleeping, cooking and budgeting better, in Ramadan. Image Credit: Amazon

RamadanTok is back in action, and we're once again spoilt for choice with creative recipes, decor ideas and life hacks flooding the viral platform. Over the years, TikTok's global community has been introducing us to lifestyle changes we didn't know we needed - from fridge organisation to hair slugging. Now, with Ramadan in full swing, we're revisiting this invaluable bank of hacks to help you spend the month stress-free and smoothly. Whether be it a candle warmer to welcome guests or kitchen shears for quickly chopping greens, here's a list of curated items popular on TikTok. If you sign up for a Prime membership, you'll bag free and faster shipping to your doorstep.

1. Best Fitness Hack: M.I Xiaomi Walkingpad Kingsmith R1 Pro Treadmill


  • Three modes for running, brisk walking and walking
  • Easy portability with armrest and rollers
  • Stores upright or under the desk
  • Control speed with feet, hands-free


  • Supports maximum user weight of 110kgs

If you missed out on the walking pad hype last year, it's never too late to hop on the trend for Ramadan. We'll be looking to get steps in post meals, especially after iftar, and a walking pad can come in handy when you're caught up with work. Xiaomi's foldable treadmill can be rolled in and out of storage easily, so it's always accessible, unlike bulkier gym equipment. While the treadmill is a work-from-home essential, its portability lets runners and walkers alike exercise even in front of the TV. The R1 Pro's motor peaks at 1.25 horsepower, offering three speed modes up to 10km per hour: walking, speed-walking and sprinting. Plus, reviews commend the prompt customer service, so you're in good hands if anything were to go awry.

Bonus: Buy with 0% instalments and pay Dh134.87 for 12 months with select banks. Add professional home assembly for Dh76.50.

Warranty: Amazon offers a one-year extended warranty for D114, and a two-year extended warranty for Dh162.

2. Best Hygiene Hack: MEDca Tongue Scraper

Several dentists have taken to TikTok to renounce brush and plastic tongue cleaners. Their stainless steel counterparts are far more hygienic, effective and environmentally friendly, they say. Not only that, they're great for eliminating bad breath as well. This two-pack tongue scraper by MEDca is made from pure stainless steel and is deep enough to tackle all the bacteria on the surface. Add it to your dental routine at suhoor and go about the rest of the day with a cleaner mouth. Reviews call it sturdy and flexible, without being too flimsy.

3. Best Cooking Hack: Lodge Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Rectangular Reversible Grill/Griddle

Can't get the BBQ-level chargrilled results on an electric griddle? Try a cast-iron grill over the stove. It's a standalone accessory that only needs an open flame to get going. Prepare steaks, skewers, fish and chicken indoors, with a delicious caramelised surface. Our cooking expert Chef Silvena Rowe previously told us how cast iron cookware is a healthier option than non-stick pans, which might leak dubious substances into our food. Lodge's reversible griddle comes pre-seasoned, and offers two sides - one smooth for pancakes and eggs, and the other a ribbed surface for proteins and sandwiches. Reviews confirm that heat retention and distribution are superb, but do suggest starting out on low heat since cast iron cooks food faster. They say it slides onto any standard stovetop just fine.

4. Best Ambience Hack: Softanzi Candle Warmer Lamp

Set the ambience for the entire month ahead by using safe candle warmer lamps. Flameless, smoke-free and economical, candle warmers are TikTok's favourite decor piece for their practicality. Your scented candles gently melt under the halogen light bulb and fill the home with a subtle fragrance - perfect for welcoming guests at any time. They're also great for aromatherapy, if you don't own diffusers. Softanzi's candle warmer has a non-slip base made from frosted metal with a golden lacquer rim, so it's bound to look elegant no matter where it's placed. Buyers say you can control the light intensity to tweak the scent. Even without a lit wick, the scented candle smells far better, they add.

5. Best Kitchen Hack: Canary Japanese Kitchen Shears

TikTok home cooks love chopping their green onion stems with scissors. Kitchen shears have been long part of Korean cuisine, and are handy for slicing noodles, kimchi, cooked meat and other soft ingredients into smaller bites. You, too, can make use of kitchen scissors to speed up the cooking process during Ramadan. These shears tear through turkey, chicken, fish, vegetables and even bone. A serrated can opener between the handles cracks open nuts, bottles and tight jar lids. Our pick has detachable blades for thorough washing and can withstand temperatures of up to 130 degrees Celsius. Buyers say the quality is promising and long-lasting. The pair is especially efficient in cutting meat, instead of a knife.

6. Best Storage Hack: Opexscal Stackable Refrigerator Organiser Bins, Set of 2

Even with detailed meal plans, frequent grocery hauls in Ramadan can lead to overspending. So, how can you keep track of what you already have? That's the crux of the popular fridge organisation trend on TikTok. Pro home organiser Sarah Nassar shared that storage solutions make it easier to take stock of spoiling and redundant ingredients, at a glance. Invest in clear bins for fruit and vegetables, this Ramadan, to stay on top of your budgeting game. This set of storage bins has a closed-off sliding drawer that prevents different vegetables from cross-contamination. Order these in bulk and stack them in your main shelf space. Pick from two sizes, small and medium. Check out other storage solutions for bottles, snacks and herbs.

7. Best Skincare Hack: Aestura Atobarrier365 Ceramide Cream

Imagine getting 100 hours of hydration with a single application. K-beauty's derma cosmetic brand Aestura has gone viral for its ultra-moisturising ceramide cream. Spotted by beauty influencers in a Korean reality show on Netflix, the Atobarrier365 is probably the only skin booster you will need, this Ramadan. It's packed with fatty acids, topical cholesterol and 4% high-density ceramide, a formidable complex that strengthens the skin barrier. Reviewers use it as a daily moisturiser or for skin cycling with tretinoin. According to them, it's scent-free, fast-absorbing and non-greasy. If you're looking forward to dialing down on makeup, try skin tints or tinted moisturisers to hydrate the skin and conceal blemishes.

8. Best Sleep Hack: Lumie Bodyclock Rise 100 - Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock


  • Dimmable intensity for final lighting
  • Gradually brightens or dims over 30 minutes
  • Light mimics natural sunlight
  • Certified medical device (Class I)


  • Limited sound alarm options

Make waking up for suhoor easier with a sunrise alarm. A faux sun in your room will help your mind and body to adjust to the early morning hours and eventually ease you into a new sleep routine. The Lumie Bodyclock brightens gradually over a period of 30 minutes before it's time for you to wake up. It mimics the colours of natural sunlight and is also a certified light therapy device for chasing away winter blues. You can reverse the lighting for a 'sunset' that'll gently put you to bed. Reviews call it a lovely wake up call, but do note that the sound alarm options are lacking.

Warranty: The manufacturer offers three years of warranty.

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