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The Apple Watch Series 7 is available in two sizes – 41mm or 45mm – and a range of colours. Image Credit: Apple

It’s time to roll up your sleeve – you can now buy and show off the Apple Watch Series 7.

The Series 7 is expected to have the most advanced Apple Watch display ever, with a bigger screen and thinner borders. After pre-orders began on October 8, the Series 7 is finally available in stores starting today, and you can pick up yours below. Amazon gives you the ability to buy the Apple Watch with 0% installments from select banks, and free one-day delivery if you are a Prime member.

Here are the Series 7 watches currently available on offer. If your favourite colour is temporarily out of stock, order it now and have it delivered to you once it's available. Scroll below to read more about Series 7's design, features and specifications.

There are several options to choose from, so to make the best possible choice, here’s all you need to know about the new Apple Watch Series 7:


The Series 7 is available at the same starting price as the Series 6, although costs can vary depending on size, the material of the case and whether you opt for Cellular.


Contrary to popular belief, the Apple Watch itself has not gotten any bigger. But the Series 7 screen does have a 20% larger display over the Series 6. The bezels around the display have reduced in size to accommodate more screen space, and are about 1.7mm thick. With a bigger screen, your view of text messages or emails has just gotten better.

The Watch features softer, rounded corners and a refractive edge, making it seem as if the screen blends right into the curvature of the case. There’s also a new QWERTY keyboard and two new watch faces designed specifically for the Series 7.

The Series 7 introduces five new aluminium case finishes – midnight, starlight, green, blue and Product Red. There are a range of new band colours and styles, along with stainless steel models available in silver, graphite, and gold stainless steel. The Apple Watch Edition is available in titanium and space black titanium.

What’s new?

The Apple Watch Series 7 is available in two sizes – 41mm or 45mm. Both are about a millimetre larger than previous Apple Watches, with 70% brighter display, making content more vibrant, and easy to see in low-light or at night.

Apple has branded the Series 7 its most durable Watch ever, starting with the crack-resistant front crystal. For the first time, the Apple Watch is also dust-resistant (and has an IP6X certification to prove it), while maintaining its water-resistant feature.

Interestingly, the new Watch has an always-on display, so the screen never goes dark. Key features are always at hand so you don’t need to raise your arm to view it – just a glance at your wrist will do. This is the key element that separates the Series 7 from the Series SE. But despite its continuous interface, the Apple Watch has an 18-hour battery life or all-day usability, similar to previous models.

One of the biggest changes in the Watch is actually in its charging cable. Super-fast charging ensures you get eight hours of battery life with just eight minutes of charging. It’s Apple’s answer to people who were experiencing depleted batteries when tracking their sleep. Apple has included the new charging cable in the box, but if you require the charging brick, you would have to buy it separately.

There are no big upgrades in the Series 7’s health or activity tracking, so as with the Series 6, you can track your fitness activity, heart rate, sleep, take can electrocardiogram, and even measure blood oxygen levels. What has changed though, is the Apple Watch’s operating system, watchOS8, and its overall interface. Taking advantage of the larger screen, Apple has made bigger buttons that are easier to tap, and has optimised all its apps – like messages, phone, calendar, photos and fitness – to use the extra space on the screen.

And finally, some good news for current Apple Watch owners – all previous Watch bands are supported in the Series 7. So, unless a new one catches your eye, you can reuse your favourite bands without having to fork out money specifically for Series 7 bands.

All in all, despite no massive changes, the Apple Watch Series 7 will delight users who are used to doing everything with the Watch on their wrist. With a larger display and a more powerful charging cable, enjoy the experience of owning the latest Apple Watch, which is focusing on being a whole lot better in all the little ways that matter.

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