Gone are the days of single 3-pin plugs. Today's electric outlets are high-tech and cable-free! Image Credit: Pexels/Castorly Stock

Lamps, computers, chargers, appliances – there are so many gadgets and devices in our homes, fighting for their own electrical plug point. But why go through the routine of unplugging one and connecting another, over and over again, when they could all be safely and conveniently powered up and out of sight?

We did the research and came up with these handy electrical outlets and power adapters that will never have you squatting or bending at odd angles to make sure your devices are connected. Get them as early as tomorrow, with Amazon Prime!

1. Best Overall: SAFEMORE 9 Outlets Power Strip Tower


  • Nine AC outlets and six USB ports
  • Retractable extension cord
  • Phone holder
  • Attractive design and space saver


  • Has one main switch
  • Expensive

Talk about a space saver! With its ingenious standing design, this electrical outlet is perfect for heavy traffic areas, such as in your home office. The tower has nine AC plug points on three sides of the power strip. It even has six USB ports that are compatible with smartphones, tablets, desk lamps and other USB-powered devices. You can roll up the 1.8-metre extension cord by rotating the tower to tuck it away, out of sight. While your phone is getting charged, let it sit in the phone holder groove at the top of the device to take calls hands-free.

2. Best Budget: Royal Apex ESMA 3Way British Plug


  • Handy for connecting few appliances
  • Each pin has its own switch
  • Good quality


  • Position of side pins might be awkward

This three-sided adapter is safe to use and can be used extensively for commercial, industrial, hospital, residential and travel purposes. The adapter comes with individual switches for each side that helps with saving electricity. You can use it to connect high voltage appliances such as electric ovens, refrigerators and microwaves.

3. Best for Travel: Gaofonger Universal Travel Adapter


  • Pocket-sized, makes travelling with it easier
  • Uses slide mechanism to adapt to different countries
  • Three USB-A ports and one Type-C port


  • Gets hot when in use

Grab this handy travel adapter and take it with you on your next trip. This travel adapter works in over 160 countries including Russia, Thailand, Argentina, Australia and Asian countries like India and UAE. The adapter comes with three USB ports and one Type-C charging port. It also has one AC socket and can charge five devices simultaneously at high speed.

4. Best Wall-Mountable Adapter: Tessan Extension Plug Power Strip Socket


  • Can be mounted on the wall
  • Powers up seven devices simultaneously
  • USB slots allow mobile and tablet charging
  • Two-metre extension cord


  • UK plug AC outlets only

Convert a single socket into four, with this electrical power extender. You also get three additional USB ports that are ideal for charging smartphones and tablets, without bulky extension cords. The wall-mountable design of this adapter is perfect for living rooms and bedrooms, where you can prevent tripping hazards while ensuring all your digital devices and home décor items, like lamps, are powered safely.

5. Best for Bedroom: PEGANT 3-in-1 Power Extension Socket Plug Adapter


  • Fast-charging USB-C port
  • Touch-control night lamp
  • Universal adapter for different plugs


  • Only has two AC outlets

The Pegant Power Extension Socket Plug Adapter has two AC outlets, two USB-A ports and one 20W USB-C port. It's perfect if you want to keep all your cables in one place by the bedside table. The fast-charging type C port delivers 50 per cent of charge to an iPhone 13 in just 25 minutes. Its best additional feature is the soft night lamp that turns on with a touch of a finger. This is also a great adapter to take for your international travels. It accepts the plugs from over 150 countries including the Middle East, Thailand, Spain, Canada, Mexico and many more.

Warranty: You can also return the product in 15 days and get a product replacement within 12 months.

6. Best for Heavy-Duty Use: Belkin 4-Way Surge Protection Strip


  • Surge protection against fluctuations
  • Four AC outlets and two USB ports
  • Heavy-duty two-metre cord


  • No individual switch for outlets
  • Cumbersome design

Do you sometimes play a video game, watch a football game and listen to other players on Twitch – all at the same time? This heavy-duty surge protection strip, with four AC outlets, is ideal for electronics that are vulnerable to voltage fluctuations. It also has two integrated USB ports with fast charge capabilities for your portable devices. A sliding safety cover helps keep the strip out of sight for curious children.

7. Best for USB Devices: Anker PowerPort Atom III Slim


  • Fast charges a range of devices from MacBook to game consoles
  • Wall-mountable
  • Portable for travel


  • Samsung users faced issues with charge

If all you need are USB ports to power up your laptop, tablet, and phone, this mighty adapter will do the job. Charge up to four devices simultaneously and efficiently with this adapter. Its fast-charging facility allows you to fully charge the MacBook Pro 13 within 2.5 hours! And with a design that’s compact and portable, it’s easy to use on the go, whether you’re in the office or going to another city.

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