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While most people flock to grocery stores for Eid essentials, you can shop for them on Amazon from the comfort of your home. All you have to do is use our list of bestselling food items to prepare for warm meals, and enjoy discounts on other household essentials as well, before Eid Al Adha arrives.

Currently, Amazon has a Super Saver Week sale on a wide range of grocery items, from flour and cooking oils to nuts and soups. Check out discounts on a host of other products, like appliances. Now's the time to get your kitchen in order on a budget, before stock runs out, so shop with a Prime membership and avail yourself free, fast delivery.

Don't forget, you can keep your pantry stocked even during Ramadan by auto-scheduling deliveries using Subscribe and Save.

1. Best Oil Deal: Figaro Olive Oil

Whether for drizzling over your homemade hummus, or for use in pasta and other dishes, olive oil is a staple in most homes. Figaro’s version is loaded with oil extracted from Spanish olives, and is suitable for all types of cooking. Mild and rich in antioxidants, it can also be used for your hair and skin, so you can use it well after Eid.

2. Best Tea Deal: Pukka Feel New Organic Herbal Tea (80 Sachets)

If you’re a tea person, or want to serve up tea on Eid that’s detoxifying and helps with digestion, try Pukka’s Feel New tea blend. A refreshingly sweet and aromatic tea with a subtle, citrusy finish, these sachets hero a blend of aniseed, fennel, cardamom and turmeric. While aniseed is known to support the body’s natural clarifying process, fennel helps with digestion and turmeric contributes to our well-being with its stimulating effects. With 80 sachets in this pack, all your guests will benefit from Pukka this Eid.

3. Best Coffee Deal: Nescafe Dolce Gusto Cappuccino Coffee Capsules (3 Boxes)

For your first cup of coffee on Eid, opt for Nescafe Dolce Gusto’s cappuccino capsules. If you have the right coffee maker, you can pop in a pod and enjoy the perfect combination of espresso and creamy milk. The capsules are made with Italian-style dark roast, with a 100 per cent Arabica blend from South America. With three boxes that include 24 servings each, you’re all set for the month ahead. A hot cup of coffee with these is fairly simple to prepare, as long as you own an espresso machine.

4. Best Milk Deal: Nestle Nido Fortified Milk Powder

Whether for liquid milk, desserts, or karak tea, Nestle’s Nido is a pantry essential you won’t regret stocking up on. This 2.5kg tin of instant full cream milk powder has added vitamins and minerals to support growth and development. There are no added preservatives or colours. Reviewers speak of it fondly in the comments, saying they’ve grown up drinking it, and love the taste.

5. Best Skincare Deal: Nivea Sun Kids Lotion (Pack of 2)

If your family is spending any time outdoors this Eid, be prepared with Nivea’s sunscreen. This lotion, formulated especially for children’s delicate skin, has a sun protection factor (SPF) of 50+, and is highly effective against UVA (ultraviolet-A) and UVB rays. An innovative Clothing Protection formula helps any UV filter-induced stains to wash out easily from clothes. The sunscreen is water resistant and gentle, and this two-pack is bound to last you for months.

6. Best Hygiene Deal: Fine Fluffy Facial Tissue Box (Bundle of 40)

Stock up on the softest facial tissue and top up every corner of the house, before the guests arrive. Fine's bundle offer contains 40 boxes infused with a touch of real cotton for added softness. Each sheet of tissue is sterilised for germ protection and made with natural cotton pulp, so it's suitable for all skin types. Whether you're wiping the kids' noses or your mouth after a meal, rest easy knowing that you're in the hands of a certified brand, awarded by the US-based Family Hygiene Institute.

7. Best Water Deal: evian Mineral Water, Pack of 24

Hydrating the proper way is key in Ramadan. This case of two dozen 500ml water bottles by evian has been bottled after its filtered journey through layers of protected underground rock in the French Alps for over 15 years. The soft water has a unique blend of naturally occurring minerals and electrolytes that revitalise body, and can be consumed on its own or with a slice of lemon for a refreshing drink. Stock up while the case is on sale!

8. Best Cleaning Product Deal: Finish Powerball Quantum Tablets (4-Pack)

Don't spend energy handwashing dishes, if you can avoid it, this Eid. Finish's Powerball Quantum dishwasher detergent pods will take care of clean-up for you, using a quick releasing gel to wash away heavy stains, like burnt food and dried coffee. It's a pack of four, with 50 tablets in each bag,  by a brand that is recommended by manufacturers like Siemens, LG, Beko and Bosch - so you're all set to host an iftar Eid party, without the hassle of clean-up!

9. Best Air Freshener Deal: Febreze Air Freshener (Pack of 3)

Febreze’s refreshing spray can be spritzed around your home just before your guests arrive, on Eid. This Crisp Clean scent is green, watery and floral, and neutralises bad odours, replacing it with a pleasant fragrance that doesn’t overwhelm or leave behind a chemical aftereffect. Reviewers with pets say this air freshener is an essential, and does away with musty odours instantly.

10. Best Detergent Deal: Persil Power Gel Liquid Laundry Detergent, Pack of 3

Make laundry the least of your concerns, with Persil's gel detergent. Designed for both front-load and top-load washing machines, the liquid removes even the toughest stains in just one wash, infusing your load with a fresh, clean scent. This means you can wear your best clothes this Eid, and not worry about lingering stains from previous use. You're getting three 4.8-litre bottles at an excellent price to see the house through months of dirty laundry.

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