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It was a complete nightmare of a flight after issues with rowdy passengers kept erupting just when it was thought to be sorted.

This flight from Moscow to Phuket went south when a drunk man had to be wrapped with cellophane and dropped off in Uzbekistan after an emergency landing, reported news magazine India Today.

He reportedly tried opening the emergency door of the Nordwind Airline Boeing 777 while the flight was at a height of 33,000ft.

A doctor was called in, who tried to calm the drunk man down but it did not seem to work. The cabin crew had to finally tie him down with a cellophane wrap.

Finally, the flight landed in Tashkent where he was handed over to the Uzbek police. Once again, the flight of in the air when another set of rowdy passengers started to cause problems.

Two other drunken men got into a fight and had to be separated by the cabin crew.

Finally, a third man went inside the washroom of the airplane and started smoking. All three men were arrested as soon as they landed in Thailand.

TV reporter, Elena Demidova was on the same flight vlogged the entire incident explaining the details of the situation in a video. In the clip, she said that the flight was in the air when suddenly the seat belt signs lit up.

"Minutes later the captain explained, a passenger in the rear of the plane was drunk and rowdy. A doctor tried to calm him. Then tougher measures were taken," she added.

"They tried to use plastic food wrap to tie him. 7 people were holding him, but nothing helped,” she said.